Sen. Cam Ward opts not to run for Bachus seat in Congress


State Sen. Cam Ward announced Wednesday that he would not run for the District 6 seat in Congress with longtime Rep. Spencer Bachus retiring and not running again in 2014.

Sen. Cam Ward, R-Alabaster

Sen. Cam Ward, R-Alabaster

Ward, R-Alabaster, said he would run for his suburban Birmingham state Senate seat again in 2014 and said there “will be other public service opportunities for me and my family but not this year.” He cited his daughter as his top priority at this time.”God has given me a short window of time to spend with a little girl who means more to me than anything in this world,” Ward said. “I can’t feel comfortable sacrificing the memories and time away it would require to do the job of U.S. congressman right for the people of our state.”

The lawmaker, who served in the Alabama House of Representatives and who is in his first term in the Senate, said there has been an outpouring of support for him to enter the race.

Ward also cited the dysfunction in Congress and trying to focus on accomplishments for constituents as reasons for his decision.

“During my entire career, I have focused on getting things accomplished for the people who elected me,” he said. “Serving in a dysfunctional Congress that cannot even keep the government open and functioning is not the best place for someone focused on getting things done.”

Bachus announced this week that he would not run for another term next year.

Ward’s colleague, state Sen. Scott Beason, said he is considering a run, but would not decide whether he would run in the next week or two.

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