Heather Sellers wants to hear from voters before entering House race


While some other candidates are jumping into the race for the soon to be vacated seat in the Alabama House of Representatives, Montgomery County Board of Education member Heather Sellers is taking a different approach.

Heather Sellers (Mickey Welsh/Montgomery Advertiser)

Heather Sellers (Mickey Welsh/Montgomery Advertiser)

“Before I decide to run, I want to get 1,000 voter commitments and listen to their concerns,” Sellers said she told a local Republican group on Monday.

In a letter to the Central Alabama Republican Club, Sellers wrote that she may soon enter the District 74 race for the seat of Rep. Jay Love, a fellow Montgomery Republican. Love is stepping down Aug. 1 to pursue opportunities in education reform and in the private sector, but has not been more specific.

Sellers, who pointed out she has two children ages 11 and 14 in public schools, said she has “already heard from many voters who want to make improvements in education, crime, and job creation.” Sellers, who wrote that she wants to hear more before announcing her plans, did not specify a timeframe for her decision.

“After serving on the Montgomery County School Board for five years in the minority party, I have some ideas of how to improve education that can only be implemented by the Alabama Legislature,” she wrote.

Sellers wrote that she and friends will call voters personally “to see what they think,” wanting to start her campaign by focusing on the issues voters want addressed.

“If I announce for this campaign, I want to know what priorities the voters want addressed,” she said. “One of the biggest problems in Montgomery and Washington is when elected officials forget who is in charge – the voters. Unfortunately, many candidates don’t care what the voters think – some run just to hold a higher office.”

Former Montgomery County Board of Education President Charlotte Meadows, who currently works for the education reform group StudentsFirst, and Montgomery County Commissioner Dimitri Polizos, who also owns a restaurant in Montgomery, have announced they are running for the seat. Both are Republicans. State Rep. Joe Hubbard, a Montgomery Democrat, has said he is considering the race, but disagrees with some other officials on what district lines would be used for the race – the current lines or the ones redrawn for the 2014 election – and he does not live in the current district and would not meet residency requirements if those lines are used. His house is in the redrawn district, but a top official with the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office said this special election would be to finish Love’s term and would not be for the upcoming 2014 elections so the current lines would be used.

House District 74 currently encompasses most of central Montgomery north of Interstate 85 and south of Northern Boulevard. The new district lines add a large portion of eastern Montgomery and a swath of territory south of I-85 and extending down Vaughn Road.

Gov. Robert Bentley has not set a special election date, but has said he would like to call it as soon as legally possible.

– posted by Sebastian Kitchen

2 thoughts on “Heather Sellers wants to hear from voters before entering House race

  1. I have my reservations about current MPS BOE Board Member Heather Sellers and former MPS BOE President Charlotte Meadows running for a higher office seeing as how neither one of them could control their fellow Board members and rally against Supt. Barbara Thompson. For the most part of their tenure they have sat by and done nothing. They allowed students and their parents to be railroaded into debt by a lying non-doctored “Dr.” Thompson. They never stood their ground against Mayor Strange’s under the table back room control and Meadows up and quit leaving the system broken and still under the control of a racist board. Now they want to move L.A.M.P. yet again to another ghetto location where our kids safety will be suspect. We are screwed. Our children are screwed.

  2. I have been reminded by a friend that Heather Sellers was the BOE board member that first broke the news that Barbara Thompson was NOT a PHD and that she called for a vote to remover her from office. I stand corrected. Heather sellers DID try against all odds to do the right thing for our schools. How frustrating it must have been to be a member of the Board especially when you have a mayor who sides with the imposter. I will cast my vote for Sellers sould she decide to run and will rally my friends and neighbors to support her candidacy for office. KG

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