Challenger to Kay Ivey decided to ‘put up or shut up’


A Prattville native, disgusted with the political environment in Alabama, has decided to “put up or shut up.”

Scott Ninesling

Scott Ninesling

Scott Ninesling, a licensed paramedic who currently lives in Pine Level and who works in the petro-chemical industry, plans to run as a Democrat against Republican Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey in 2014.

He criticized political leaders in the state for the lack of political will, and for the “shear arrogance of lifetime politicians that believe that they are somehow entitled to their positions,” and said Ivey was rewarded by being elected lieutenant governor after presiding over the downfall of the Prepaid Affordable College Tuition program as state treasurer.

“Ms. Ivey truly believes that she is entitled to keep her job despite failing the people of Alabama,” Ninesling said. “Even in her current role, her lack of leadership within the State Senate stifles debate, limits the right of the minority to be heard and is seemingly incapable of counting heads to ensure that the procedural minimum of members is present to legally conduct business. This failure of performance and lack of leadership is not what we the people of Alabama need sitting a heartbeat away from the governor’s office.”

Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey

Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey

Ivey, who recently announced she will seek a second term as lieutenant governor, said in a statement sent to the Montgomery Advertiser that she was proud of her record of public service, including serving as the state’s first female Republican lieutenant governor.

“Since being sworn in, I have presided over some of the most productive sessions of the Alabama Senate in our state’s history, and look forward to running on those accomplishments: service to our state, bringing jobs to our state, and standing up for the rights of our people against the over reach of the federal government,” she said. “I believe the people will be with me on this and other issues in 2014.”

Ivey said “voters of our state voted overwhelmingly for a change in the status quo in 2010, and I am happy to have been a part of that change.”

“I believe that the people didn’t have all the facts on PACT when Ms. Ivey ran in 2010 and she failed the people of Alabama as treasurer  and I want to give the people the chance to undo that ill-earned election to higher office,” Ninesling wrote in an email to the Advertiser.

He said his main goal is to give people a choice for the office. Ninesling said, reading several articles recently, “a great number of incumbents this election cycle simply feel there is no way that someone could or should challenge for an office, which I believe just smacks of arrogance.”

He expects political action committees to “flood her war chest with plenty of funding,” but “I’ll let the people decide to whom and what to give.”

Ninesling said he supports constitutional limits on government, term limits, states’ rights and the “importance of the voice of the people.”

Ninesling, a graduate of Prattville High School, has a professional designation of EMT/paramedic from Trenholm State Technical College and a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Alabama. Currently, he holds a contract position as the emergency response supervisor/fire chief for a new liquefied natural gas plant in Angola, West Africa, and splits his time between there and central Alabama. He still serves as a first responder with the Pine Level Fire Department in Autauga County.

– posted by Sebastian Kitchen

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