West Alabama farmer announces run for PSC seat

Republican Chris “Chip” Beeker, a former Greene County commissioner who is a farmer in Eutaw, announced on Monday that he was running for the spot currently held by Terry Dunn on the Alabama Public Service Commission.
Chip Beeker

Chip Beeker

Beeker said his goals if he is elected to the commission, which has diminished power in recent years, are to keep utility rates low, protect and grow jobs in the energy sector, and fight mandates from the Environmental Protection Agency. Beeker argues the “radical Protection Agency and its increased regulation are working diligently to kill Alabama coal jobs and other energy related jobs, which, in turn, is hurting all of our businesses in the state.”
“As a member of the Public Service Commission, I will do all that is in my power to protect our state from the overreach of the federal government and the liberal environmentalist who are pushing these job-killing policies.”Dunn, a Republican in his first term who is in Place 2 on the three-member commission, has not announced whether he would run again in 2014. Dunn called for a formal review of utility rates, stating consumers deserved the review, but he was outvoted 2-1 by his fellow commissioners and accused of caving to liberal environmental groups, a claim he has denied.

Beeker, who served on the county commission in the Democratic county, also ran for the PSC in 2010. He has served on the Alabama Republican Party’s State Executive Committee.

The candidate operates Beeker Catfish and Cattle Farms.

– posted by Sebastian Kitchen

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