Medical marijuana bills, Rep. Patricia Todd win ‘Shroud Award’

Rep. Patricia Todd, D-Birmingham

Rep. Patricia Todd, D-Birmingham

The House of Representatives’ annual award for the “deadest” legislation of the session went to three bills sponsored by Rep. Patricia Todd, D-Birmingham, that would have legalized medical marijuana.

“These joint proposals authorized the medical use of marijuana, and legalized marijuana for personal use,” said the resolution, read by House Public Information Officer Clay Redden.  ”They quickly went under the influence of the House Health Committee.”

Todd’s legislation drew large crowds to House committees, but failed to move out for votes.  The resolution saluted Todd’s persistence in reintroducing the legislation.

“Many reasoned, given enough hemp, she would hang herself,” the resolution said.  ”But others felt she was no dope.”

The Shroud, first given in 1979, is awarded on the last day of each session.  The resolution noted that past winners included several alcohol-related bills, including homebrewing, which have since become law.

Todd said at the podium she would continue pushing her legislation, but joked that she would hang the Shroud — a suit mounted in a modified cardboard coffin — in her office, “so people can think I really did something.”

“This is the first time I’ve ever won an award for something I lost,” she said.

Other nominees included Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle, for the Tim Tebow Act, allowing private and homeschooled students the chance to participate in public school activities.

“This bill has a longer career in the Legislature than its namesake did in the pros,” the resolution said.

The resolution also said the Alabama Accountability Act had been briefly considered as a nominee: “This bill has had so many unlicensed makeovers the Board of Cosmetology is investigating.”

– posted by Brian Lyman

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