Read Mark Kennedy’s letter to Alabama Democrats

Mark Kennedy, chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, released the following letter today to the members of the State Democratic Executive Committee of Alabama:
Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Mark Kennedy

Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Mark Kennedy

Dear Members of the State Democratic Executive Committee,


Serving as your Party Chairman has been both a challenge and a wonderful experience. As I have traveled throughout the State for the past two years, I have been inspired and encouraged by the thousands of Alabama citizens who rise each day to fight for the principles of justice and fair play upon which our Party stands.

I can think of no other time when being an informed citizen and an active agent for change has been more important. The people of Alabama, whether they be Democrats, Republicans or Independents deserve a better government, not a bitter government. As Democrats, we must hold true to the notion that the Alabama Democratic Party offers opportunities for change and good government.

Peggy and I have been fortunate in our lives of public service to see the best of Alabama and to weather the storms of discontent. We remain dedicated to fighting for a renewed and reinvigorated sense of opportunity and hope for the people of our State.

I want to thank the many of you who have demonstrated your confidence in me and your support for my leadership.

But now, after much consideration, my family and I have determined that it is time to move on. We will always stand shoulder to shoulder with people of goodwill who choose to fight for progress. The Alabama Democratic Party has a long and storied history, and now, we must face the reality of changing times as we strive for more inclusiveness and relevance.

Please accept this letter as notice of my intent to resign as Chairman of the State Democratic Executive Committee effective at noon on Monday, April 22, 2013. Pursuant to our bylaws, the First Vice Chair of the Party, Nancy Worley, will become Chairman. I want to wish her Godspeed.

With heartfelt appreciation, I remain


Sincerely yours,

H. Mark Kennedy


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One thought on “Read Mark Kennedy’s letter to Alabama Democrats

  1. 7/2/2013

    Dear Judge Kennedy,

    I enjoyed our conversation at the wedding of Davis Knapp. I am very interested in your political positions and aspirations.
    Please include me on your mailing list.

    Best wishes,

    Marvin Johnson

    Marvin Johnson

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