Poarch Creeks criticize lawsuit by AG Strange


The Poarch Band of Creek Indians, responding to a lawsuit filed by the office of Attorney General Luther Strange to try to stop gambling at Poarch Creek casinos in the state, said the lawsuit has no legal merit and does not recognize that the Poarch Creeks are a sovereign nation under federal and not state jurisdiction.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange

“While Mr. Strange may target VictoryLand and any other gaming facility in the state, this lawsuit against Poarch filed in circuit court is yet another example of Mr. Strange refusing to recognize the sovereignty of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians,” according to the statement from the tribe.

The Poarch Creeks argued the machines are electronic bingo, which is Class II gambling, and are legal under federal law.

“As a federally recognized sovereign Indian nation, Poarch Creek’s land is governed by federal, not state law,” according to the Poarch Creek statement. “While we respect Mr. Strange’s attempts to fulfill his duties as state attorney general, he is not a federal official and therefore, has no jurisdiction or enforcement authority over tribal land or tribal gaming operations.”

– posted by Sebastian Kitchen

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