VIDEO: Senate votes to consolidate state law enforcement


In this video, Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh discusses a bill he introduced, that the Senate passed 31-0 on Tuesday, that he believes will create efficiencies among law enforcement entities in the state and save taxpayers money.

Marsh, R-Anniston, said the proposal would create efficiencies by taking law enforcement functions from some other state agencies and placing them under the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency with two units, the Department of Public Safety and the State Bureau of Investigations.

Revenue enforcement officers from the Alabama Department of Revenue, the law enforcement unit from the Alabama Public Service Commission, and the marine police division of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources would join the Department of Public Safety, which would maintain much of its current functions.
The State Bureau of Investigations would include the law enforcement unit of the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, the investigative units of the Alabama Forestry Commission and the Department of Agriculture and Industries, and functions performed by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, which is currently under the Department of Public Safety. The bill, if approved, would also transfer the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center to the State Bureau of Investigations.

The proposal did not attempt to consolidate the attorney general’s office, district attorneys, the Emergency Management Agency, Department of Mental Health, or conservation officers.
The secretary overseeing the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency would also serve as the state’s homeland security advisor and functions of the Department of Homeland Security would be transferred to the secretary’s office.

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One thought on “VIDEO: Senate votes to consolidate state law enforcement

  1. Exactly what state defense or militia remains in the sole command of the governor? What state defense or militia takes no federal dollars?

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