Holmes opposes assault weapons, but acknowledges “crazy” can kill someone with a .22


State Rep. Alvin Holmes has three guns, all “little .38 specials,” and said he is a supporter of the Second Amendment, but said he is opposed to citizens owning assault weapons.

Rep. Alvin Holmes speaks on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives in February 2007. (Lloyd Gallman/Montgomery Advertiser)

“People do not need those kinds of weapons to protect their families and protect their homes,” Holmes said this week.

He supports people owning other firearms to protect their families and homes.

“I believe in the right to bear arms,” Holmes said.

But, in Alabama, even many Democrats are conservative and support expanded gun rights. Some of his Democratic colleagues are supporting proposals that would keep employers from telling employees that they could not store firearms in their vehicles at work.

Holmes also knows that even banning assault rifles will not solve all of the problems with gun violence.

“If a crazy wants to kill somebody, he can kill them with a .22,” he said.

– posted by Sebastian Kitchen

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