Thompson enters race for state auditor


Republican Adam Thompson, who has worked for Secretary of State Beth Chapman during her time in that office and as auditor, announced on Thursday that he will run for state auditor in 2014.

Adam Thompson

Thompson said he has worked in those two offices for almost a decade and has served in senior leadership in both.

Current state Auditor Samantha Shaw is in her second term and cannot, by state law, seek a third consecutive term.

The auditor tracks state property, appoints voter registrars in counties in the state, and serves on the State Board of Adjustment, a panel of state officials that hears arguments for monetary claims from citizens and businesses against the state and determines the fate of those claims.

“I will be ready to protect the taxpayers of Alabama on day one, with no need for on-the-job training,” Thompson said.

In announcing his candidacy, he pointed out there are $2 billion in assets that belong to the taxpayers of Alabama, which he said is $300 million more than the current General Fund budget used to operate the state. The candidate said he worked for Chapman when 96 percent of audits were perfect, “holding agencies accountable and getting results.”

“The job of the state auditor is to be a watchdog for the people of this state,” Thompson said. “In these tough economic times, every penny counts in government, just like they do in our homes.”

Thompson also pointed out he has worked with registrars and the Board of Adjustment during his time working for Chapman in those offices.

Thompson and his wife, Rebecca, live in Pike Road.

– posted by Sebastian Kitchen

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