Convicted lobbyist Jarrod Massey assaulted in prison, according to his attorneys


The attorneys for convicted casino lobbyist Jarrod Massey wrote in a motion filed in court that their client had been attacked and moved to another federal prison, and are demanding more information on his location and health.

“It has been brought to the undersigned’s attention that Massey recently suffered an attack at this location and has been moved to another facility,” his attorneys wrote in the Thursday motion.

Lobbyist Jarrod Massey, left, leaves the federal courthouse in Montgomery in October 2010 following his arrest. (Julie Bennett/Montgomery Advertiser)

Massey, a lobbyist for Country Crossing developer Ronnie Gilley, pleaded guilty two years ago and cooperated with federal investigators. In July, he was sentenced to more than five years in prison, although that included time he had already served. He began serving his sentence at Maxwell Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery on Aug. 27. The judge had ordered for Massey to be located close to his wife and two sons, who live in Montgomery.

Chris Burke, spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, told the Montgomery Advertiser that Massey was moved from Montgomery to the Federal Correctional Institution –Talladega on Dec. 2.

Burke said he could not confirm if there was an attack, could not reveal the reason for the move, and said he could not comment on the court filing by Massey’s attorneys.

Massey’s attorneys wrote in the motion that they have attempted to contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons to locate Massey and “ascertain his medical condition.”

“The Bureau of Prisons has refused to disclose any information and has ignored messages left requesting an immediate attorney visit,” Joseph Basgier and Brett Bloomston of Birmingham wrote in the order. They wrote that as of the time of the filing Massey’s location was uncertain.

“The undersigned has become extremely concerned about the wellbeing of his client and is seeking visitation as soon as possible,” they wrote.

The attorneys wrote that they had been in contact with the U.S. Probation Office and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Alabama, but there was limited information from those sources at the time.

The attorneys are seeking Massey’s location and requested an order for a visit with their client as soon as possible, and requested that there be an order to ensure Massey’s safety and well-being.

If there was an assault, Burke said, there would be an investigation and the bureau could not comment. He said there are a number of reasons inmates are moved including for greater security, for investigative purposes, for disciplinary reasons and for program participation.

With the court filing being in the court’s jurisdiction, Burke said the bureau would not comment on it.

Basgier could not be reached for comment.

Massey, who is 41, has a listed release date in October 2016.

Massey was one of 11 people arrested in October 2010 for their role in a scheme in which casino owners and lobbyists bribed state lawmakers to support pro-gambling legislation. Massey, Gilley and lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy, who worked for Massey, all pleaded guilty. Juries in two trials found the other defendants not guilty.

State Sen. Scott Beason secretly recorded Massey offering him $1 million a year in exchange for his vote on gambling legislation. Massey admitted to offering bribes to other lawmakers.

– posted by Sebastian Kitchen

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