Flap Over GOP Primary Recount Continues


Attorney General Troy King is firing back against accusations that he is attempting to block Republican candidate for governor Tim James from having a recount.

James, who came in third during the state’s primary elections, has said he wants a recount, and King said the opinion he issued at the request of Secretary of State Beth Chapman doesn’t stop him from getting one. He hopes that a recount will net him the votes he needs to knock Dr. Robert Bentley, who edged James out of the runoff with former two-year college Chancellor Bradley Byrne, with 167 votes out of second place.

But King issued a statement Monday, to “set the record straight.”

“Tim James accused me of blocking his recount from going forward,” King said in a statement. “That is simply not true. My opinion said the recount could go forward, and, it is indeed going forward tomorrow.”

King said if James wants to challenge the results after the recount, he can do that, but his challenge would be before the Alabama Republican Party, not King. King also said in his statement that James, nor the party, are required to follow his opinion, it was intended for the guidance of the Chapman, who requested it.

The primary runoff will take place July 13.

– posted by Markeshia Ricks

One thought on “Flap Over GOP Primary Recount Continues

  1. I appreciate this blog very much. I wish, however, that someone would proofread each entry. The writers of the blog are still representing a newspaper.

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