Gobblers Getting “Wound Up”


This gobbler was wound up Wednesday morning by Postoak!


The phrase “wound up” could mean “just about through” or “almost done”. IT could also mean “getting cranked”, “Getting fired up”. For the gobblers in central Alabama, thankfully it means getting started for real and gobbling pretty good. I am hearing from many fellow hunters that they are hearing and a few are taking some Toms for a truck ride home!

I took a couple of days off this past week and finally hit a good morning on Wednesday even though it was a cold 28 degrees when I got out of my truck. The gobblers did not seem to mind however, I heard six different gobblers in response to my owl hoot at dawn so I chose to walk to the closest one. I only had to walk about 150 yards down a small logging trail and when I gave him my first yelp on the red wasp diaphram, He blew back a gobble that was so close that I hurredly found a tree that offered some cover and dove under it, hoping he had not spotted me since he was less than 50 yards away through some open hardwoods near a small green field.

I decided to not call any more until he gobbled again and I didn’t have to wait long for that to happen! He blasted out another gobble from just out of sight down the logging trail so I gave him a couple of loud clucks and he blasted back another gobble! I knew he was going to come on in at that point so I enjoyed his drumming and wing dragging as he strutted to within 20 steps. I decided I better close the deal and almost reluctantly pulled the trigger. It was one of those “wham bam turkey slam” hunts that was over too soon but, I was not going to complain about one being too easy since I have had way too many old hard headed Toms that have been standing out there gobbling from 70 or 80 yards and would not come on in close enough for a shot.

At 7:07 a.m. I looked at my watch as I stood over the bird and filled out my game check form. I shouldered him and made the short walk back to my truck, took a couple of I-photos and then called in for my confirmation number. As I dialed the robo-operator to record the taking of the turkey as now required by law, I thought “what would my grand dad think about this technology? or even my dad, would he be shocked about the changes in our hunting ways and hunting rules? I almost envied them for their not still being here to deal with the ever shrinking world. But, both of them always taught me to “abide in the law” so I always do. But, when a man’s word is no longer sufficient in the eyes of the law, it is a sad time in America in some respects. Oh well, Let me get off my soap box….


I had several friends to take gobblers this week so I think the season is more normal this year than the last one. Last spring was as wierd as I have experienced in my 54 years of turkey hunting and many others said the same thing. Gobblers did not gobble much and certainly would not come to a call like they do at some point most springs. Glad to see and hear this spring is shaping up to be all we hope for! And I hope those gobblers are about to get “wound up”!

This morning, I took my grandaughter along for the hunt and she was so excited, I guess you could say she was “wound up”. We got out of the truck at daylight and I was able to get four gobblers to respond to my old hoot owl call which she thought was the neatest thing and we quickly went down the same lane where I had taken the gobbler on wednesday. I brought a hen decoy to help distract the gobbler from her movements and to hopefully bring him on in to our location on the edge of a small green field. He responded to my calls on the diaphram and in just a few minutes I saw his white crown coming as he made his way through the woods to the field’s edge. He walked up on a dirt pile near the edge and stood there for┬ámoment but, apparently did not like the decoy and he turned and walked away! Then I heard several hens cackling in the woods behind him and he was gone! He gobbled at my yelps a few times as he faded out of hearing and it was over… Oh well, Thats why they call it turkey hunting!

Until next week!

~postoak~ OUT!


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