Another Fall Season is on the Horizon, Don’t Get Left Out!

Big Bass are still biting early and late in the day. A friend sent me this photo of a lunker recently caught West Alabama.

Dove season begins next Saturday. Yes, I know, It is slipping up on many of us again!

But not me, I have got in a couple of nice rounds of skeet shooting. An eye exam after the frist trip, and that, plus a change in shotguns, made the second trip much better. I must admit though, I still consider my wingshooting ability average but, the first skeet shooting round of the season confirmed some bad habits of mine that show up every year at the beginning of dove season.

1.Bad Habit -lack of practice. As a turkey hunter, I practice for days and days before the opening day. I have all my mouth calls “broken in”, categorized for low wind, high wind, early no foliage, later full foliage calling. Friction calls and strikers matched up, Box calls chalked, sanded and assembled in the proper pockets of my turkey vest. And I am sharp from day one. Not so, with my dove shooting preparation. Most years, the first shot I take is at one of those little “gray streaks” and then mutter a few syllables that I shouldn’t. About the 15th shot, I actually connect on one and feel a little “better”. My “swing through the shot” muscle memory and brain start to team up and I am having that internal conversation of “you remember this, don’t you? ugh maybe not”. After a couple of boxes and some very conscientious working on my shots and calculating the lead I should be taking, things start to click, and I finish strong.

At the first sporting clays shoot earlier this year. I first hit on trigger pull number five and was sporadic until the last of 2 boxes when I finished with a good last round of 4 out of 6 between the stations, including hitting the last three in a row. I told the operator I was done and he just smiled like he was relieved. The only good thing was, most of my companions shot worse than me, except one and he is already razzing me about another shoot.  If at all possible, GO PRACTICE before dove season so you can have a much more fun afternoon than the “agony of the miss” .

Speaking of Missing. Be sure you are not missing out on information REQUIRED in the new laws for Alabama. Worse than an afternoon of poor shooting is an afternoon topped off by a large hunting fine! Fines have increased a great deal from the”old days” and those folks who used to say, “I will just take a chance on getting caught” will be shocked at a bad decision based on incorrect assumptions will cost them! The new laws are posted on the States’ Department of Conservation web site so check it out! This really is Hunting News YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Hunting season for small game is just around the corner and a early season squirrel stalk is a marvelous way to get outdoors for some quality time that you can share with a youngster, a buddy, or even your spouse! I love to make about 3 or 4 hunts a year and harvest some squirrels for fried squirrels with gravy, squirrel dumplings, or squirrel stew. All are great ways to introduce kids or other non-hunters to the great table fare that can be created. All natural, low fat, organic, and a lot of fun! Squirrel and rabbit both make for some excellent meals in the early fall. If you have never had BBQ rabbit back straps or hind legs, you are missing a real treat! Anyone interested in a few of my recipes for prep and cooking send me an email

Say you are not in a hunting club and have no access to hunting land? Then you are not trying. Alabama has some great public hunting in central Alabama and much of it is not as “busy” with hunters as you might think. I am a real fan of the Lowndes WMA and the COOSA WMA. Both are big tracts of land with plenty of room and a short drive. Alabama has a large array of public hunting lands  so you whould start your hunt for a place here;

Now if you have the money but, don’t have the time to scout and hunt public lands or join a hunting club, then an outfitter maybe the best route. They have done all the prep for you and all you have to do is to come hunt! They offer the most exclusive hunting places outside of the local “land barons” and can put you in the close quarters to some trophy bucks of a life time! Alabama Black Belt Adventures offers a site with listings for many of the premiere hunting lodges and outfitters in our state. Vist their web site to find that hunt for a trophy! If the old saying “time is money” speaks loudly to your busy life, then these lodges can make you a bargain of a deal to take a minimum of your time and reward it with maximum results for deer enjoyment!

Get outdoors to hunt, fish, hike, bike, splash in a lake or river! One day you might be too old!! But, Not me!!

More next week! Send me some photos !





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