Hunting Leases Are Due!



Fall will be here before you know it. Find a place to get your buck now! postoak

Hunting leases are due and that could mean an opportunity for you! Maybe you want to lease your own place for this upcoming hunting season, maybe you want to join a new club, Maybe you should consider doing both!

I like to have multiple spots to hunt and every year I change at least one of the places I hunt. Some years I have found a small tract of  hunting property to lease individually and I add that to the one or two hunting clubs I join. When I find a good place, I like to stay for several years and I have one place now I have hunted for over 20 years, another lease I split with some folks that I am dropping out of this year, and I just joined one new club last weekend!

If you want to find some land to lease theres are sites like RMS, AFOA, Westervelt, Soterra, and others with leases due and they are looking for new lease holders NOW! Just be sure to read all the fine print and get some good hunting liability insurance then start some habitat improvement and summer plantings NOW!

There are also many places to find a hunting club looking for members if the lease thing is too much trouble, money and time for you to spend. There are many great clubs around the state that are seeking members for the upcoming hunting season so start your search and get together with some new hunting buddies by joining a local hunting club!

I have found many web sites and ADs for hunting clubs seeking members but, two of my favorites are The Bulletin Board  that you can find at many local businesses and Craigslist that is as close as your computer just look under sporting and the search phrase “hunt”.

Otherwise, you can just daydream until September and miss out on having a good place to hunt this fall!  If anyone has a hunting club membership opening, send it to me and I will post it on my next blog, next week! If anyone is looking for a hunting club to join, send me your email address and where you want to hunt and if I find a club looking for members, I will send you that info. I look almost daily at many websites around our state and have found lots of clubs, looking for a good member, like you!

Email me I am

Until next week, get out there and enjoy some fishing! 

Bass Time is here! Find a local spot but, don't get too hot!

Bass Time is here! Find a local spot but, don't get too hot! ~Postoak~


~PostOak~ -outdoors and gone fishin this weekend… I hope!

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