Hunting Season Never Really Ends!

My Den wall is a little full, But I am hoping to find another nice buck to join these on my wall this fall! postoak


I have an excitement in my old bones tonight that I love! I love the first day of Dove season, I love the first day of Squirrel season and I love the first day of deer season. When the first day of turkey season rolls around, I am absolutely ecstatic! While none of those is on the horizon, another season I truly love is what I call looking for a new hunting club season! And for me, it starts tomorrow!

I am meeting a fellow hunter at 6 a.m. in the morning to go view a large tract of land that  I recently found on the net with some membership vacancies. I love looking at new land and seeing how the club is laid out, the feeding program, the predator controls, green fields, ladder stands and blinds, club house, and other amenities. More often than not however, I am disappointed like a blind date that has gone bad, hope that is not the case this year!

The club I was in last year was a real nice place but, the turkey hunting is my main indicator of whether to renew- or not. I only took one gobbler off the place last year, but if you hunt turkeys, you know the past season was an anomaly in my book and a lot of other dedicated and experienced turkey hunters as well.  I am eternally optimistic though and through the years I have found several great clubs to join or leases to hold for several years until something bad happens like timber cutting, membership arguments or price hikes that were just too steep to keep the property.

There is actual hunting that can be enjoyed this time of year though. Hogs are running amok across Central Alabama and if you want to scratch that “trigger finger itch” a hog hunt is a great time and is a lot of fun at night with the right equipment. There are several hog chasing outfitters in the area and they offer some exciting summer time hunts! Call Barry and Bart Estes at Alabama Hog Control and they can book you an exciting hunt for a big ole boar hog!

A “do it yourself” hog hunt or coyote hunt is also a good summer hunt and you will be helping to eradicate tow of Alabama’s biggest hunting pest problems and enhancing your habitat for your deer and turkey by “taking out” some of these critters!

If hunting is not your thing, The bream are biting pretty good and fishing is a pretty good way to pass the time until dove season gets here!

Big Shellcracker!

Summer is great for catching some "monster bream and shellcrackers" Go catch you some! postoak

The good folks at the Alabama Wildlife federation are having a great fishing event at Lanark here in Millbrook next weekend! Some great pond fishing for you and those kids, details below!

Alabama Nature Center Fishing Weekend is Here!

MILLBROOK – Come out to the Alabama Nature Center in Millbrook June 15-16, for a special Fishing Weekend. Enjoy catch and release fishing for catfish and bream in the Upper Pond and Tadpole Pond and for bass and bream in the Bullfrog Pond.

“Our Fishing Weekend is a great opportunity for the public to fish in Alabama Nature Center’s well stocked ponds. Fishing is one of those activities that’s fun for the whole family,” said Rebecca Bearden, Alabama Nature Center Naturalist Coordinator.

The Alabama Nature Center will be open to the public Saturday, June 15, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, June 16, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. A limited number of fishing poles will be available for $2 a day as well as a limited amount of bait for a small fee.

The Alabama Nature Center, which includes five miles of nature trails and boardwalks that traverse a variety of forests, fields, streams, wetlands, and ponds, can be found at Lanark, just a few miles north of Montgomery and less than two miles from Interstate 65. Lanark is the State Headquarters of the Alabama Wildlife Federation and the former estate of benefactors Isabel and Wiley Hill.

All visitors of the Alabama Nature Center must check in at the Pavilion Outpost located inside the Lanark Pavilion before hiking on the trails or fishing in the ponds.  Merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, bracelets, cooler bags, water, soft drinks, and snacks will be available for purchase.

The Alabama Nature Center, a hands-on outdoor education facility located at Lanark in Millbrook, Alabama, is a joint project of the Alabama Wildlife Federation and benefactors Isabel and Wiley Hill. The Lanark property, State Headquarters for the Alabama Wildlife Federation, contains 350 acres of striking forests, fields, streams, wetlands and ponds that are traversed by five miles of trails and boardwalks including a tree top viewing platform. The Alabama Nature Center hosts a variety of outdoor education programs including Lanark Field Days events for youth and school groups, Expedition Lanark Summer Day Camp for children aged  5 – 15, and monthly weekend events for the general public.


For more information about the Alabama Nature Center and the Alabama Wildlife Federation, call 334-285-4550 or visit

If you catch any fish or have some cool hunting or fishing photos, send them to me! with permission to post and I will post it for you to show your buddies!

Get outdoors and enjoy our great Central Alabama!!










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