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Macks'd out!

check out this load of Toms! Email me with a guess about where these gobblers were taken! Will post answer next blog.

My cousin Macks and his hunting buddy “Dr. Joe” had a pretty good hunting trip to close out turkey season. You will never guess where these birds were taken!!

Well, Unless you predator hunt, hog hunt or shoot skeet, your hunting options are limited this time of year. However, planning, even scheming and dreaming, can be good ways to scratch your “hunting itch” when it is 90 degrees outside and September seems like a year away across a hot desert that is another Alabama Summer. Now, I do like to fish and I will have a few good trips to put some fish in the freezer. But, I never stop thinking about the other three season that all rank ABOVE the one we are currently embarking upon.

So one of the best places for me to spend some time that could be of benefit to me when hunting season rolls around is to diligently surf the web for local, state and regional hunting opportunities. I recently found one that might interest some of you guys who own or have access to enough land that you could offer some hunts to other hunters from different locations. Find out more on this interesting web site called They offer a way to offer hunts or swap hunts with other folks. Their web address is

Maybe you got that big buck last year and want to see where he might rank in the Alabama Whitetail Records so you can brag to your buddies. Maybe you have spotted a “goodun” on one of your game cameras and want to see where he might score.

Whatever it is about looking at big bucks you want to see from Alabama, check out this site to see those big Bama bucks check out .

If you are looking for a club, and many of us are, this site has some listing across the state that might just have your next hunting club! Look at this site,

For a great read anytime about some of the best hunting in the blackbelt and Wilcox county outdoors information, the Horn Swamp News is a favorite of mine! See what I mean at:

Hope these sites help you make it through another summer. Go fish, go scout, just go outdoors and enjoy the life! Watch for the bugs and the snakes!


Until next week,

Postoak.. outdoors..



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I am an avid Hunter and absolutely addicted to Turkey Hunting! I am a lifelong hunter of over 50 years and have been blessed to have taken hundreds of deer and turkey. I love the outdoor life!

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