For Us Hunters, The Wait for September is ON..


still strutting!  ..postoak

2013 is in the books but, this old Alabama Tom is still strutting around! (postoak)

With the close of spring turkey season comes the saddest day of the year for us “gobbleraddicts” We have to come to grips with the fact that this is the longest space of wait time we must endure until next March 15th. However, if you are like me, the analysis never ends and the scheming for a better season has already began. I am trying to determine if  should quit my current leases and my hunting club membership to pursue new places to hunt so that next year will not disappoint like 2013.

I have been on a lease for several years that has produced some very good birds, but the area is well known as one with the most hard-headed gobblers in Alabama. I invited my brother in law, who is a confirmed gobbleraddict and he declined saying them “Mantua (the location) turkeys is all stone crazy”. While I reluctantly agree with that assessment, It is hard to let a lease go unless I have another lined up. The hunting club I joined this past year in Dallas county was sort of a bust since I only took one gobbler off it, but I did pass on gobblers opening weekend and the season was an odd one, so maybe it will be better next year. Oh well, I got some time to think about it and maybe a new hunting lease or a great club will turn up that I can switch to for 2014.

In the mean time, Some folks I know had a good spring so I have some pictures to share from them. Check out the awesome 4 bearded gobbler killed in Union Springs area by Montgomery hunter John Marsh took. John had a good year, taking four nice gobblers and this 4 bearded Tom is at the taxidermist! Good hunting John!

A four bearded trophy Tom taken by John Marsh in the Union Springs area.







Mike Midkiff, another central Alabama hunter took a couple of huge Gobblers in Nebraska and shared a photo of one of them with me for you to enjoy! A Huge Merriam Gobbler! It scored in the top 10 gobblers for Nebraska!

What a huge Nebraska Merriam! A top 10 scoring Gobbler taken by Mike Midkiff!








Brandon Parker, A “natural born killer” in the turkey woods, said he had to fight off the snakes and mosquitoes to get to where he could get a shot on this old swamp tom from Elmore county.

Brandon Parker said the biggest challenge to take this gobbler was fightin off the snakes to get to where he was so he could get that shot!









Hats off to all you turkey hunters! and lets endure the wait until dove season cranks up.

In the summer we can still do some Coyote and Hog control if you just need to hunt something! They both are running wild in the Alabama Woods and competing for the deer and turkey! Go get you some of that action this summer!

Next Week, Go FISH!


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