Turkey Hunting is Improving with the Weather

Brandon Parker with a nice gobbler!

Brandon and a big Gobbler !

Looks like we will finally have some warmer temperatures and maybe even a little glimpse of the sun! What a difference that will be! This cold, cloudy spring has hampered my hunting and my desire to go hunting. I have already rescheduled four days of vacation and we have not even made it out of March!

I guess the biggest difference is that the last few springs have been warm, dry and the birds started playing their “mating games” early in February. This year, they may not really “get going” on the propagation of their species until April!  This has caused me and several other turkey hunters I hunt with to cancel plans for vacation days, reschedule out of state hunts and try to figure out what to do as we plot out strategies to shoot a few gobblers. Is the last two weeks of spring going to be the best? will the first two weeks of April be the time to take off? I don’t know but, I plan to keep taking some single days of vacation in an attempt to judge the level of Gobbling action that might indicate what my chances could be in the turkey woods. So, tomorrow I am off again to Dallas county for some wood walking and turkey calling to see if I can find a Tom who is looking for a hen. Who knows, maybe my luck will Improve.

Evan Edwards First Gobbler!
Evan Edwards shows us his First Gobbler! Way to go Evan!


Swingin Tom

This old Tom found himself "swingin" after some sweet calling by Mark Edwards.


I am receiving reports and photos from a good many hunters who have found that gobbler who was lonely and  “looking for love in all the wrong places”. “Looking for love and got shot at 30 paces”. “Looking for love and got shot in their faces”.. (turkey hunter humor). I will post some for your viewing pleasure! Get after them and send me a photo to post on the site! Just email me postoakman@gmail.com  and I will be glad to show off your gobbler for you! Write a little about the hunt and I will post that too!

Post Oak – Gettin outdoors tomorrow for Good Friday!


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