Scouting, Feeding, and Calling Practice for Spring Gobblers!


I took this old Boss Tom last year! Look at them hooks!

This old bird had monster spurs and a double beard. Callin in a bird like this is the reason I love Spring turkey Season! ~Postoak~

Every year I have a love-hate relationship with February. It is the longest “short month” of the year, it is cold, generally too wet, and too gloomy and did I mention too long? I also have a birthday in February and at my age those fail  to excite me other than the fact that I am still walking around on God’s great creation when more and more of my old friend and classmates have already “struck out”. God has been good to me..

Another thing about February is that since I have been living in the Montgomery area, there is a “bloom” of some type of mold spores around mid February that give me a big time case of sinusitis that winds up in bronchitis and is a pain in the “derrieritis!” I have to take allergy tablets through May and then it all clears up. Seems like it is my punishment for being a “turkeyholic” but, long as I can hunt without coughing at those critical moments, I can deal with the sniffling, choking, hacking, and coughing since they do herald in another marvelous Alabama spring turkey season!!

Turkey season starts on March 15th, which is a Friday this year so it will great to kick off a long weekend chasing gobblers in Dallas or Greene county. I have a turkey lease with four other guys in Greene county that is 1800 acres of red clay hills and plantation pines is various stages. There are some mature woods and some big SMZs with open hardwoods and plenty of hard headed Toms to test your patience and woodsmanship. I have thought of dropping out of the lease a few times but, the small group gets along very well, none of us over hunt it and I generally take a couple of boss gobblers of it each year. Last year I took a very nice old long spurred Tom that I now have in my den to remind me of that “sweet” memory. The other place I am hunting this year is a hunting club tract in Dallas county that I joined to deer hunt but, only went twice so I am hoping to have some good turkey hunting mornings to make up for not deer hunting it that much.

February is preparation, feeding and scouting time it you want to get a jump on the competition and “be in the know about where to go” on opening morning. Please be sure to visit the conservation dept’s website for rules regarding off-season feeding for turkey. Just click on  One thing that lots of folks keep forgetting is to have in your possession, a turkey harvest form! It must be completed in the field and if you get caught without it you are going to make a nice donation to the guys in green!

In terms of turkey call practice, there is no such thing as too much! Your wife, your kids, your dog, and even your neighbor may try to convince you of that by telling you how good you sound and that you have been practice for 3 hours or 3 days or 3 weeks! But, that is never enough in the weeks before spring season! I am sitting here with a caller in my mouth and I can tell I really need  to break in this new mouth call!  I also got a new shotgun I need to pattern and I tell you the truth, between work, my wife and her “honey do” list something is just going to be left undone!

A man has got to set his priorities properly! and an improperly prepared turkey hunter is not going to be a description of old POSTOAK!

Good Friday Gobbler

I took this gobbler on "Good Friday" last spring. At least it was good for me! ~postoak~

I am “practicing” doing some calling at Bass Pro in Prattville tomorrow starting at 1p.m. so come on by and tell me how much practice I need and we can “talk turkey” awhile!

Until next week, get on that prep work and call, call, call!

Post Oak cluckin’ on out!

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I am an avid Hunter and absolutely addicted to Turkey Hunting! I am a lifelong hunter of over 50 years and have been blessed to have taken hundreds of deer and turkey. I love the outdoor life!

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