Deer Season Ends Tomorrow in Alabama

Will Gibson got this very nice 8 pointer on a hunt with me last weekend! ~postoak~

Tomorrow winds up the deer season in Alabama and for many hunters it was a pretty good year. For others the rut is going strong where they hunt, mostly in south Alabama and many of those hunters would love to see the season extended a couple of weeks into February.

That is an interesting proposal that the State Department of Conservation will discuss as one of the meeting topic when they meet in Montgomery on February 9th. They will meet in the Capitol Auditorium and if you want to make comments at the public meeting you have to be there early and register before 8:30 to be heard.

Commissioner Gunter Guy is expected to introduce an extension of the deer season for portions of southwest Alabama starting next season (2013-2014) that would allow hunters an extra 10 days (until February 10th). While there have been extensive petition signing and  thousands of hunters have signed it in hopes of getting the season extended all across the state, it appears the commissioner is going to move slowly so the effects of such a change can be studied in more detail. I believe that move is a prudent one but, may not make a lot of hunters in “LA” happy.  Perhaps after another year or so with positive results, it will allow the season extension across ALL the lower half.

It is also Mr. Guy’s intent to discuss plans to implement a state wide, telephone based call in game reporting program such as in use in other states where game killed must be reported via phone from the field to be in compliance with the law. Changes continue to come to our hunting laws so please update yourself before next season so you will not be in error and pay that fine!

In other hunting news, Chuck Sykes has been named the Director of the Conservation Department’s  Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. Chuck is a native of Choctaw County and lives in Wetumpka. On a personal note, he is one heck of a turkey hunter too.. read more here

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of taking my buddy Keith Gibson and his son, Will, for our annual deer hunt at our place in Tuscaloosa County. I put Will in the same ladder stand where we sat last year when he took his first deer, a nice mature doe. This time, I had Will hunt solo with his dad’s permission and left him with the instructions to “choot em” and Keith and I travelled on down in the swamp to other stands.

Will listened well, About 4:10 I heard his rifle fire and I grinned as I figured he got another nice doe from the big green field. However, several minutes later, I heard him shoot again and figured he must have doubled down on some does. Soon as it got dark enough where I felt it would not disturb Keith, I started for his stand and found he was already down and ready to go see Will’s deer. Will had sent him a text that he had killed a doe but, when we got to Will’s stand, he excitedly yelled at his dad “I got a big Buck” and pointed to a very nice 8 pointer laying less than 20 yards from his stand. However, the story of the hunt was even more interesting than we thought!

Will explained that he had seen a good many deer in the green field and had seen the buck chasing does around in the field and in the woods. He said that he decided to go ahead and shoot a doe “early” and hope the buck, who had left, would return. Somehow when he shot the doe ( a nice humane head shot) the bullet passed through and struck the buck he could not see on out in the field that was blocked from his view by corn stalks. The buck was struck in the front leg at the shoulder joint and after several minutes it limped out of the corn stalks and ran right toward his ladder stand. He finished the buck off with a good chest shot at 20 yards.

What a hunting memory he made with his two for one (almost) shot and taking a nice buck and a doe just a few minutes apart! Now it is all up to Keith to pay for two deer at the processor and a great mount of the 8 point buck that will be coming from Capps’ Taxidermy of Demopolis!

Next week I hope to share some nice buck photos that hunters around the state have sent me. If you want to send me a deer photo, email me –

Until next week, good hunting!


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