Gun Hunting Season for Deer Starts in Less Than Two Weeks!!

Nice buck

This nice buck was visiting our feeder recently.

Gun season for deer hunting in Alabama is less than TWO weeks away!  Saturday November 17th is the opening day for deer hunting with firearms and it runs through the end of January for most areas. Please check out the AL DCNR web site for more information about the upcoming season. Fines have been substantially increased and who wouldn’t feel bad to waste some money and break the law. This link will take you to the state’s web site so you can quickly get informed, don’t be a law breaker! There is nothing sporting, fair chase,OR  fair chance about that!

One  regulation in recent years that many hunters fail to recognize is the game harvest record is MANDATORY ! The rule is NOTE IT BEFORE YOU TOTE IT!  You must be sure to record the harvest of any antlered deer or Gobbler Before you pick it up for transport out of the woods. This means you need to print a copy of the form if you are a lifetime license holder (like me) who does not purchase an annual license , or are exempt from license requirements. This could be someone under 16 who does not have an annual license requirement, someone over 65 who is exempt from buying an annual license, or even a landowner hunting his OWN property which exempts him from having to buy a license, is still required to have on their person and to comply with the harvest reporting requirements! Please follow this link for additional information!  I have a lawyer friend who had the harvest form with him last year but, did not have a pen or pencil to fill it out and on the way out of the woods back to his vehicle, a conservation office stopped him and issued him a citation that cost him over $200. don’t let that happen to you! Carry the form and carry a pen or pencil!  NOTE IT BEFORE YOU TOTE IT!!

Just be sure you know the rules and if you have questions, check out the Conservation department’s web site. They even have answers posted to many common questions that will give you the answer in a snap, or a “click” so click here-

This year, like some others, I got ready for a big bow season and now find myself trying to finish my fall projects list around the house and Yard so I can clear my calendar for gun season. I am a bit concerned that our trail cameras are not getting any photos of big bucks this year. Plenty of bucks on the camera but, no shooters. Well, no shooters that are trophy bucks, just a few shooter “culls” like most year that we keep trying to take out of the herd before the rut kicks off in late December. Did have one “decent” buck stop at one of the feederthat I posted above.

How prepared are you for the start of gun season? Now is the time to “sight in” your gun, make sure you have all your ammo and equipment “ready to go”. Wash all your hunting clothes in a scent eliminator detergent AFTER you do a clean-out wash on your washer and then do a hot wash with just plain water to rinse out the washer before you begin the scent wash of your hunting clothes.Wash  ALL of them down to your “unders and socks” should be scent washed. Then, use a “cover scented” dryer sheet in with them in the dryer, and pack them in a scent lock bag, a “Tinks charcoal bag” or, if all else fails, a clean canvas duffel bag that is sprayed thoroughly with a cover scent.  How about your Boots? Rubber boots such as the “Grange” boot by Lacrosse are winners for scent control in the warm days of early season. More on this next week.

Be sure you make a plan for hunting preparation success and execute the plan between now and the opening morning! It will be here before you know it!!

Good Hunting!

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