Walter Craig’s, Celebrating 51 Years This Weekend!

Mr. Len Hale of Walter Craig's Sportsmans Headquarters in Montgomery!

Walter Craig’s, The Sportsmans Headquarters right here in Montgomery is celebrating 51 years of being in the business with a three day event this weekend through Monday!  I went by today on my lunch break to check out the event for myself and was so pleased to see a local hunting sports business thriving these days and Walter Craig is certainly doing that!

Walter Craig’s was founded by it’s namesake, Mr. Walter Craig in Selma back in 1961 and in 2003 they moved to their present location at 1201 North Eastern Boulevard, Montgomery. Mr. Len Hale and his staff of outdoor professionals at Walter Craig have really made it a very special store for all of us who love to hunt and they can help you find the gear, ammo, camo, and all other outdoor products to help you enjoy the time you spend in the woods this fall and winter hunting season!

As a hunting and sporting goods store they have got a fantastic selection of products for all of us who live for the outdoor sports. Today (Friday, 10-26) they kicked off a weekend full of activities including a radio broadcast from local radio personalities Rick Hendrick and Roger Shultz as they hosted their mid day broadcast of the “Max Round Table” for local 740 sports radio.


Rick Hendrick and Roger Shultz of Sports Radio 740 broadcasting at Walter Craig's on Friday




The place was also “crawling” with factory reps from Beretta and Browning,  and others. Moultrie Game cameras had  a rep there with some sweet deals on game cameras and the famous Moultrie game feeders! But, the sweetest deal I saw was the new A5 Browning auto loaders that are totally new in design and features the all new Kinematic drive system that Browning guarantees for 100,000 round or 5 full years! I shouldered a couple of them and it made me want one real bad! They have the traditional A5 with a beautiful walnut finish wood stock and my personal choice, the Mossy Oak camo model that is a “camo-beauty” in its own right. With the high visibility sights and the distinctive Browning hump, they are some mighty fine shotguns! for more information, check ot their website,

Also this weekend on sports radio 740 is a program that is becoming one of my favorite shows. “Cast and Blast Outdoors” airs on Saturday mornings from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and host Steve Long provides some great tips and insights for local sportsmen. It is a very entertaining program and if you get the chance, tune it in on Saturdays in the a.m. on the a.m! for more information check out the link to their website!

Hope you all plan to spend some time in the deer woods this weekend! There is a good cold front on the way that should make it fun if you plan for a windy hunt! Scent control, good camo, and stand selection to take advantage of the wind and the acorn crops that are now dropping in the woods can pay off for the persistent hunter this weekend!

Remember, “patience, planning and practice” are the supporter of “payoff” in most of life’s successes. This is especially true in the deer woods of our beautiful Central Alabama!

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Until next week!

~postoak~ outdoors!


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