Tips For Bow Season Bucks, Part Two

Brandon Parker of Tallassee with a nice Buck

Brandon Parker, hog wrangler, deer sticker and a pretty good guy with a pretty good buck!

Last blog I started laying out a few tips for getting that bow season buck to come by your stand. Here are a few more tips that have worked for me.. Wind direction, sun direction, using shadows for cover and camouflage of you and your movement, determining morning and afternoon stand placements based on deer movement patterns were things in my blog last week.

Now, with those things covered, consider these; Pinch points on trails, I know most of us know how to locate deer trails when there are a lot of deer in an area and the trail looks like a pig trail, cow trail, and is so easy most kids recognize it. However, many folks fail to see deer trails when the deer traffic is a much lower volume and is more typical for the average tract of land many of us are hunting. In this case, pinch points can help you find evidence of trails you otherwise might not see.

Fence corners, openings coming in and out of cut-overs, stream crossings, along ravines,  and of course, my favorite pinch point is wood lanes between fields, cut-overs, or roads. I only take shots with my bow of 30-35 yards or less so I need a little help from the terrain to bring that buck inside that distance to me. Pinch points are key to stand placement if you want to get that deer to come by where you are “hanging out” up in that tree!

If there is no tree that will allow you the right set up, a good ground blind can also work well. I like to use natural cover items such as pine or evergreen limbs along with dead limbs, sage or other readily handy brush and most time it only take a few minutes to make a reasonably good cover up for your blind. I like to use a folding camo camp chair behind the cover to allow me to sit motionless for extended periods and that is also key to bow hunting or any hunting success from a ground position.

There are many new pop up huts, ghillie suits and other products that are great, but you can make a blind that cost nothing and you dont’s have to tote it in or out of your area. The Ghost Blind* is  another new ground blind that is a fold out shield type with a mirror finish and it really does a phenomenal job of “hiding you in plain sight”. My nephew started using one last year and for setups where there is little cover, it is a good option. He arrowed a nice buck last year sitting behind it in a corn field and after we retrieved his buck, he showed us the set up and when he hid behind it in the corn field, it was impressive.  The Ghost blind is a good product for ground blind sets and also good for turkey hunting sets. The link to their website is

Another tactic is to create a pinch point or improve a pinch point to bring a deer closer to your tree stand or ground blind. I have used tree tops, limbs, old fence posts and any other handy material to block the deer trail and get the deer to deviate closer to my stand. It is true that deer can jump extremely well but, I have found they are like most of us, they will walk around even small obstacles rather that jump over them unless they are motivated by food or fear (or a hot doe) to go over the top of the items you place in the trail. this is a great way to get help from the terrain. Like “improving your lie” in a game of golf, improving your pinch point may help you make a “hole in one!”

Yesterday, I took a vacation day and enjoyed the morning in a ladder stand. I did not have any deer come in for a shot but, the brisk fall weather and the solitude of the stand was fantastic! I then traveled over to Selma to a hunting club I joined this year so I can have a place closer than my family’s land in Tuscaloosa and Greene county. I spent most of the mid day and early afternoon riding my four wheeler over a part of the more than four thousand acres, getting in some way too late scouting done to find spots to hang a few stands before gun season. I am always excited about hunting a new place and this property has extensive hardwood sections that are sure to be fun to explore as the hunting season and my vacation days get closer!

Next week, More tips for bow bucks!  And, did you know you stink!?  I know I do! more on that next blog!




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