Bow Season Strategies To Get a Buck

Brandon and a Boar!

Brandon Parker with Big Alabama Feral Hog!

On Monday 10-15-12 The White tail deer hunting season will kick off the fall deer season and many dedicated bow hunting purists will be out in the Fall woods looking to bring down a buck in true “old school” fashion. Hunting with a bow (and arrow) is one of the biggest challenges hunters can make for themselves however, with new equipment advances, new scent control technologies, scent making technologies, good camoflauge and patience can bring you a very nice reward of a big early season buck!

If you are new to the sport or trying to improve your bow hunting success, let me offer a few tips, some I have learned the hard way and some I have found through self education from other bow hunting folks who’s skill is better and knowledge more complete but, they do not possess anymore passion or patience when It comes to hunting!

Lets look at a few items to consider if you want to “arrow” that great buck this bow season. The first thing is good scouting in the pre-season or in our case, early bow season, to find the trails deer are using to travel across your property. They may be going to feed or going to bed, so that will determine stand placement for morning and afternoon hunts. I like to set up ladder stands or a good ground blind along pinch points, bottle necks, between fields, or swamps or hardwood to pine transition areas. Obviously, the morning stands should consider wind direction, (stay downwind) sun travel direction (stay in the shadows) and be on the way to bedding areas. A tract of land I hunted for years had a large river swamp that joined the back side of our property and transitioned in to a big scrub pine, sage grass and briar patch covered area that you could count on like clock work. From 1 to 3 hours after daybreak the deer in the area were travelling to this bedding area like people on I-65 south headed to work in Montgomery! And through the years, I did cause a few morning “wrecks!” for those headed down the trail from the swamp to bed down in the sage and pines.

Afternoon stands can be watching the same trails, just be sure to set them up with consideration for keeping the afternoon sunshine out of your face and of course don’t forget the wind! Green fields can offer some great afternoon stand locations if you place your stand down wind from the most used trails and if you use trail cameras to find out what time of day and the directions of travel to the greenfields. Finding consistent photos of a particular buck on a trail camera heading in the same direction around the same time on multiple days can allow you to gain a whole new level of confidence about your stand location and for me, that gives me much more patience to spend more time on the stand which can be the deciding factor for taking an early season buck.

paths, my trail cameras have confirmed a target buck with a definite pattern, then it is time to hunt!  The next items to consider is your clothing, your methods of staying odor free or at least keeping it minimized, Using scents to not only hide you from the buck’s nose. but creating a scent trail to bring him past your stand close enough for a close broad side shot!  More on that and a few other bow hunting tactics NEXT WEEK.

This weekend – do some scouting! Set some stands and get ready to hunt!  If you have time, check out the Fall Gun Show in Birmingham at the BJCC  I hope to see you there!

Last week I wrote about Brandon Parker and his brother with their feral hog control efforts and Brandon sent me a photo of a big boar he got this week. Great take Brandon!




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