Something about “New” Never Gets Old!

Advertisers of all types use it, Businesses use it, People use it, Couples try it,  and us hunters are no different. What I am talking about is the term “new”. The word implies a unused, unspoiled, unadulterated, untried, un-thought of, unheard of, something.

And that is a very appealing term we all understand, and most often crave. Makers of every type of product, service, goods, flavor, brand, style and type will take an old items and re-package it and call it new. New detergent is just the same old soap in a box with a new name and a new fragrance or color added. Restaurants have new flavors, new menus, new lighting, new drink specials. And manufacturers, my goodness! they flood the market with “new” every day!

Then, there are the makers of hunting gear and hunting supplies. They are ingenious when it comes to the new products, new cover scents, new game attractant scents, new gimmick items, new gear designs, new bows, new guns, new ammo, new camo patterns, and literally thousands of other “new” products they tout on the many outdoor shows that air on networks solely designed for outdoor sports addicts like me!

Now I am not saying that is good or bad, it is just a fact that it is inherent in most folks’ nature to find things they”need”. I certainly have trouble with that “need” sometimes and it really seems to give me a big itch to scratch when any hunting season is approaching. I do a pretty good job talking myself out of a lot of the stuff I see at my favorite sporting goods store(s) this time of year. But, I have to give in for some stuff I really “need!”

Tomorrow, I am taking a trip over to Demopolis for something I really “need”. That is  to pick up a big gobbler that I dropped off last spring with my long time friend, Don Capps, of Capps Taxidermy. Don, his wife and his kids all do absolutely beautiful taxidermy work and I am very excited to see what the final outcome of his work is on old “long spurs”.  I plan to post a photo of it in the near future so look for it! And if you bag a trophy buck this fall, The whole “Capps Crew” are trained artists who can make your trophy last a life time!  Check out their portfolio!

After I pick up my Gobbler, I am goingto enjoy some more “new”. A kind that is one of my very favorite “new” items. Looking at New Hunting land! I don’t know about you but, acquiring a new lease is one of my favorite things to do and I am going to enjoy looking at three tracts of land tomorrow that I hope will turn out with at least one of the three being very attractive to lease for this upcoming hunting season. While I still  do hunt my family’s property in Tuscaloosa, and it is great, four dollar gas, less available time to hunt, and dare I say, an “aging drive train” that is feeling the effects of “high mileage”, causes me to  need to find a place or two closer to home so I can make some short trips to satisfy my “need” to hunt.

"Hunting makes us all feel like a kid again for a few hours! "postoak"

"Hunting makes us all feel like a kid again for a few hours! Postoak"

I am just so happy that hunting never gets old! IT is always new to me, EVERY FALL!  And a new place to hunt, a new green field to plow and plant, a new hardwood bottom to sit over on those crisp fall mornings and dream of another “new” that I really need badly, A new trophy buck!

A New Hunting season is nearly upon us! Hope yours fills you with a sense of new possibility and new vigor!  A new itch that you are more than happy to scratch! When I am in the woods, I feel about half my age, my stress level disappears and Nothing else matters for those few hours! Wow, it never gets old!

Next week, another “new” blog will appear right here! Hope you will too!


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I am an avid Hunter and absolutely addicted to Turkey Hunting! I am a lifelong hunter of over 50 years and have been blessed to have taken hundreds of deer and turkey. I love the outdoor life!

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