Is Hunting Season Sneaking up on you?

Time to prepare for the "big one"

Success in the deer woods requires preparation. How are your preparations going?

Unless you are well in to your preparations for the upcoming hunting season, it may be sneaking up on you!

The fall bow hunting season is just a few weeks away and if you are not paying attention to the calendar, you may not be ready to enjoy one of the premier times of the year for the fall hunting season. The early fall with cool clear mornings and “too hot” afternoons,  is a lot of fun to get out and hone your skills and re-establish your hunting acumen to make you a better hunter all season long. But, it takes preparation and work to be ready for the opportunity that could be yours in the form of an early season buck that has not been spooked enough to shift into “nocturnal mode”.

This past weekend I literally dug my four wheeler out of  the back end of my storage building and drained the gas tank on it.  I added some carb and choke cleaner, checked the fluid level in the battery, checked the tire pressure, and cranked it. It started just fine but ran a little rough for a few minutes while I rode it around the back yard. I stayed on it and put it in four wheel drive to make sure that worked and ran it in low range long enough to get the motor to smooth out and run well.

Next “chore ” was to take my old PSE bow out of the case and check the string, wax it, inspect my arrows for cracks, loose nocs, loose fletchings, and find my broadheads for inspection. I still got to take time to sharpen them back a little  before I get to that first morning. I shot my bow 10 times and by the ninth shot, I was better, but still got work to do there. However, I must admit 10 draws and I start to feel it due to a lack of exercise and I have got to get back to my arm and shoulder work with my barbells so a shot is not such a hard pull and I can hold at full draw without shaking..If you are going to shoot a deer, you should be able to control your shot or not take it. I have a self imposed 30 yard perimeter and trust only my range finder to define the perimeter as a first order of business after I place my ladder stand. I used to use survey tape but, the small white “day- glow” pins are my favorite now since they are less noticeable by other hunters unless they climb in to my stand.  I will be the first to admit that I am not a good shot with my bow but, I am deadly when I do shoot. The key is don’t shoot until you know you can be deadly with THAT shot. We all watch too many outdoor shows where the guy makes 45 or even 50 yard shots look easy and maybe they can, and maybe they edit too! I just know what I can do and stick to that plan that has served me well on past bow hunts.

My four wheeler trailer has been setting all summer and I found a low tire on one side so I aired it up and used some spray soap bubbles to give it a quick leak check and then I hosed it off to knock off the dust and dead leaves that accumulated. Then I found “dirt daubers had “mudded up my wiring harness plug and made mud nests along the bottom of the side rail. They really do make a mess and seems like they love to stop up equipment left out side for what ever reason.

How about work details on your property or lease? It is time to be getting green fields cut, or sprayed to remove as much of the summer growth vegetation as you can so your disking will go better. In the past few years, I have become a big fan of spraying the summer vegetation and allowing it a few weeks to die back before running the bush-hog. It really helps the cutting go a lot faster and easier on the engine in our little John Deere tractor. I hunt in Greene and Tuscaloosa county so I try to do as much as possible, in as few trips as possible, and spraying really helps us to get our fields planted with less work!  A four wheeler mounted sprayer can cover several acres in  just a little while, But even with a hand pump sprayer you can cover a small green field in 30 minutes. One tip, buy some red food coloring to add to the spray to mark where you have sprayed. This way you wont waste time or spray like you do with a clear water and chemical mix. Also, use a surfactant to make the chemical /water mix stick to the plants better. A couple of squirts of dish washing liquid soap does a good job in this role.

This time of year really is great! Summer is behind us and a glorious fall is here! But don’t get distracted by Football games or other “Saturday stuff”  when you need to be preparing to HUNT. Remember, at a ball game you are just a spectator and that just requires you buy a tcket and show up. The players on the field are participators and that requires a whole different level of involvement. Training, planning, working, educating, strategizing, going, doing, practicing, are all a part of the process of winning. And winning in the deer woods is worth the effort!

The clock is running! Season is just over the horizon! sound the “alarm clock” and get started with your preseason preparation this week!

More next week!



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