Plenty of Deer Harvests Reported and Some Big Pigs Too !


A 13 pointer loading up.. for next year, We are not shooting bucks this year ~postoak~

Deer season is well underway and lots of folks are sending me photos of some nice bucks being taken around central Alabama! Hope they are all remembering to use the new game check system from the department of conservation for a link to the site, just click here-  The buck in the photo above is a resident of our farm and we have decided to only shoot does this year since they have gotten out of hand in the population. I have yet to get my venison so, I have got to get started. My freezer is getting low!

I plan to head out in the morning and go sit in a shooting hut if it is raining which is what it looks like. It is not my favorite way to hunt, but on a rainy day, I will take it. The rut activity north of Montgomery is picking up with hunters reporting rut activity in the northern blackbelt and points north. The reports I have gotten from Hunters south of Montgomery are pretty much that no rut signs yet, Although a North Crenshaw hunter showed me a great phopt of a drop tine buck he said was chasing does. Anybody got hunting photos or comments they want to share, just send them to me,  and I will post them for you.

Anyway, enjoy the photos and hope you get a chance to enjoy the hunting this week!

Garrett Pugh with a nice Blackbelt buck! ~postoak~


Bucks in Early Morning breakfast mode ~postoak~


Brandon Parker with a huge hog -345 lbs on a certified cotton scale! ~postoak~

 Hope you find that big buck or boar you are looking for this season in our great central Alabama Outdoors. Send me a picture when you do!











Hunting for the Holidays, The Action is Improving!

Carey Cox recently bagged this nice 8 pointer in Lee County ~postoak~

The holiday season of Christmas and New Year’s day has always meant time off from the work or school routine and time ON to be in the woods. I spent this morning gathering my hunting gear and getting ready to head to the woods of west Alabama for a three day hunt.

My granddaughter is twice as excited as I am, and I sure miss that “better than Christmas” feeling I used to have before any hunting trip! Now, I still get a bit of anticipation excitement for the hunt. And like most everyone, I hope to see a monster buck that I can get the chance to shoot or for my granddaughter to take. We were supposed to be in the woods this afternoon and my nephew called to see when we going to be there since we planned a 1:00 rendevous to sign out for stands and get ready for the afternoon hunt. However, due to the bad weather on the horizon for this evening, I decided to wait for tomorrow so we would not be out in the rain.

Will Gibson's Nice 8 pointer from Tuscaloosa County taken last year ~postoak~

We will head out early in the morning and have plenty of time to spend in the woods, plus the weather will be a good bit cooler and that always makes me believe our chances will be better to bag that big buck, or a nice mature doe to start my freezer restocking. The pre-rut has started in our area and Travis, my nephew informed me that he took a nice 205 lb 8 pointer this morning who was making a rub line and he was worn out after dragging the big buck out of some thick cover and hauling him back to the cleaning shed. He laughed about how he used to think nothing of cleaning 5 or 6 deer after a successful group hunt on the farm and now that one buck had him exhausted! I told him welcome to middle age and that it only gets “better” as the arthur brothers attack aging joints and gravity is less friendly. It sure makes a fellow hunt a little less but, value it a whole lot more!

Another related hobby to my hunting is my gun trading hobby. I used to say I was a gun collector, and I do have a good many of them, but it is more fun to buy, sell, trade than it is to collect and I meet lots of other hunters who do the same. I am a member of the Alabama Gun Collectors association and I rarely miss one of their awesome shows in Birmingham at the BJCC. Even if you don’t buy or sell, which you can do both, It makes a great day of looking at thousands of guns and talking with other gun enthusuasts and hunters, It is great fun and I have found a great buy from time to time as well as made some profitable sales and trades for many of the guns I have or have had.

The internet and facebook have proved to be wonderful venues for gun trading and there are literally dozens of these sites for groups all around the state. A few of my favorites are the ones in Elmore, Tallapoosa, and other counties in the central part of the state. If you are a FB member and have not visited these sites you will be pleased at all the guns and hunting gear you can buy, sell and trade with others.

Hope your hunting season is going well and that you have a very joy-filled Christmas and holiday season! And of course, good luck in the deer woods! It is starting to look a lot like… the rut! Go to the woods!

PHOTOS-The two bucks shown here are both nice 8 pointers. One taken in Lee County by my good friend, Carey Cox of Millbrook. The other taken by Will Gibson, a great young man who I had the pleasure of taking hunting for his first deer 2 seasons ago on our farm in Tuscaloosa county and this past season he took this nice buck from the same stand!  A Lee County Buck and A Tuscaloosa County Buck, no competition in the woods though, we are just fellow hunters!

Merry Christmas!


Lots of Kids Want to Hunt for Christmas!

My Granddaughter and me with a nice buck she took over Last Christmas Holidays

I have to admit that I have not found time to hunt as much this fall as I would like. I had a serious illness in October that put me in the hospital for several weeks and I have just not gone as much as I normally do. My grandaughter, who has become my favorite hunting partner is not too happy about it so I have got to “fix” that with a hunting trip soon!

Like her, there are many kids that would love a hunting trip, or two, as a Christmas present! As a youngster, My older brother, two first cousins and me could always count on my dad taking us down to Sumter or Marengo county for hunting trips over the two weeks of Christmas holidays when we were out of school. Those hunts were the stuff of magic! And the gray, cold days we have had lately reminds me of those days we spent in the woods enjoying each other’s company, watching the deer from our stands and getting to shoot a nice buck every now and then.

Does were not legal in the late sixties and early seventiesso we had to be sure of the bucks’s legal status before squeezing the trigger. We all hunted with shotguns and had no scopes, so we could not get that confirmation of “horns” too easy sometimes and we had to pass on the shot in the late afternoons and early mornings so we did not break the law. Our joke amongst our selves, (we never let daddy hear it) was that we were not too worried about a game warden, it was daddy who would be the problem if we “messed up” and took an illegal deer.

Christmas Holiday success is a great Christmas present for a young hunter! ~postoak~

He was good friends with a couple of the local wardens and he was a strictly lawful hunter for deer and turkey. On a deer hunt down in Greene county one winter, just before Christmas, my brother shot a hen turkey he flushed out in a flock  in a “mix up” thinking he was shooting a gobbler. Even though he was in college, daddy gave him a pretty good ”verbal” lashing about how he was a poor hunter and if he “did not know what he was doing he should just stay home”. He told my brother he was setting a poor example of sportsmanship for us kids and he was too old to be making such a poor decision. Daddy threathened to take his gun away for the rest of the year but, he calmed down after we got back home and mom told him she was happy to have the turkey to prepare in a pan of dressing for Christmas.

I remember mom just bragging over and over about how happy she was to have the hen for dressing as she washed it in the kitchen sink and later as she de-boned it to use in the dressing. She knew how to make daddy forget his anger and was a master at smoothing things over for us kids. Wow! I miss my mom every year during the holidays even more than the rest of the year! During those Christmas vacation holiday hunts we made some great hunting memories! Duck hunting down on the Tombigbee river, Camping at the Demopolis WMA and deer hunting over in east Mississippi with family friends on some huge soybean fields and our favorite hunt, using dogs to drive deer around in the swamps along the black warrior river.

Dad took several days of his vacation each witer and gave us kids what we wanted for Christmas! His time and time spent in the winter woods! Christmas memories were the best gifts we ever got and were some of the few things he could afford! Yes, I grew up rich!

Take a kid on a few hunts for Christmas presents or just to make some good memories and you might just start them on a life time past time in our great Central Alabama Outdoors!



Rain and Warm Temps = Slow Hunting Success

This young Hunter found early season success in the Black Belt!

The recent warm and wet weather has slowed down the deer movement according to the recent reports from many of my fellow hunters. Not sure if it is just the weather or the fact that many of us don’t go out in the woods or stay as long when the weather is not conducive to deer activity.

A hunting buddy of mine in Tuscaloosa, who has access to some of the top hunting in the black belt regions of Greene and Sumter counties, said he had hunted very hard since he was on vacation all of Thanksgiving and it was a poor period compared to years past. I have not gone but, two afternoons and only saw a few does. We have been given a mandate to harvest between 75 to 100 does from this particular peice of property that is high- fenced but, I just could not bring myself to start the season off dragging does out of the woods so I let them all pass. Besides, the manager has granted permits to some local hunters to come in and shoot does only, so that works for me. I am still giving away deer meat from last season in order to get my freezer emptied. Also having fried deer steaks for supper and looking forward to that!


Macks From Sumter County took this nice buck over Thanksgiving ~postoak~


All is not bad for some of the hunters who send me photos of recent deer harvests!
I have several folks who have sent some nice photos of deer taken by youth deer hunters and I always love to see the wide smiles of those luck young hunters! If you have a photo of any young deer hunters, send them to me and I will be sure to post them on an upcoming edition of Post Oak’s Gobbles and Grunts! Just email to me along with permission notice to post and the names, if you want to add them. My email address is

Has your hunting been improved or not affected by the changes in the law regarding feeding deer? I have not heard anyone say it has helped or has not affected the number of deer they are seeing or finding on trail cam results. Just got a photo of some eating at a cornpile but, not much other info other than it came from Greene county. How about your results? Email me with the details and if you prefer to keep any of your information private, just let me know and I will not publish your name or location of the photo..

Bucks at the cornpile -how is feeding affecting your deer hunting? ~postoak~

Hopefully, your season and mine will be better as we near the rut. Until next week, good luck in the (wet) deer woods of our great Central Alabama Outdoors.