Doves are Not the only Birds In September Season

Dove season comes in this Saturday and it is by far the main attraction for most hunters around central Alabama for September wingshooting. However, it is not the only game bird that you can hunt during these early September days.

There is a special early Canadian goose season that actually came in on September 1 and lasts until September 15th. During this period, you can take a limit of 5 geese per day. Be sure you have the required HIP form on your person as well as the  Required Migratory Bird Hunting stamp. Most of the geese that are around at this time of year are resident geese and the population has been on the rise to the extent they are considered a nuisance animal by many folks, especially around golf courses and local ponds where they can damage the grass through over grazing and then leaving the ah,er,remains of what they were grazing on for a literal “mess”.

If you miss this early goose season, don’t worry the season resumes on September 21. and runs through October the 8th.The daily bag limit for the Sept. 21-Oct. 8 Canada goose season is three birds per day. For the remainder of the goose season, the daily bag limit is five birds with no more than three Canadas or two white-fronted geese commonly called “specks” or “specklebellies”.

Another waterfowl bird that is great fun to shoot (at) is the Greenwing and Bluewing Teal. The early teal season is set Sept. 7-22nd and the bag limit for teal has been raised from four birds per day to six birds per day. The teal population is on a big upswing in their numbers are up over 50% for the Greenwings estimated at over 3.1 million birds. The population of the bluewing version of this speedy flyer is estimated to be up in numbers over 60% from their long term average with the population estimated at better than 7 million according to the Mississippi Flyway Council’s research. If this winter is a cold one, and the Farmer’s Almanac says it has a good chance to be a very cold one, then ducks and geese coming south will be part of the “silver lining” for us folks who love to “throw some steel up and see what comes down!”

One good friend of mine who didn’t wait for the ducks and geese to get down here to Alabama is Bob Plaster. Bob is currently enjoying a duck and goose hunting trip up in Canada  and sent me a great hunting photo of the ducks and geese they took today. Good shootn’ Mr.Bob! (as he is known at church)

Bob Plaster Enjoying a Canadian Duck and Goose Hunt! postoak~

If you are going to do some wingshooting this weekend or in the next few, be sure you have your permits all in order and ready in case you are asked by a conservation officer. It sure  can ruin a day afield if you get a ticket while out there!

This weekend I will be fulfilling my preseason work on my family’s farm over in Tuscaloosa County running a chainsaw, pole saw, bush axe and other equipment. While it is not as much fun as Bream fishing, or Opeing Day dove shooting, maybe I can find a little time to sneak in some of that as well.

If you are looking for some new Camo clothes for the upcoming season, there is a local company,DEPSOC, that has a great line of digital camo they have been supplying to the military and now you can get some of this great camo! The fabric is a micro fiber, ripstop material and it sure is comfortable! Check them out! 


Until next Week

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