Gulf Fishing is Going Great!

Joe Fitzgerald with a nice Wahoo

This nice Wahoo was recently taken by Joe Fitzgerald! ~postoak~

This time of year of year the beach “starts calling” to my wife, Kids and Granddaughter so I  deal with it by doing some fishing while they lounge around on the beach. I must admit a certain amount of anticipation for our upcoming trip to watch the tide roll in. Gulf Shores, although not as small and as quaint as I remember from childhood trips, is still a very nice place to spend some time along the ocean and take a break from the summer time grind I find myself in every year.

We will actually be staying in Orange Beach but, to me it is all a part of  the Gulf Shores experience. My youngest son and and I will make a trip out to the blue water to do some bottom fishing for that star of gulf coast fishing, the Red Snapper. Most of the folks I have spoken with about the snapper season are raving about the number and big size of the snapper being hauled in. The Gulf Coast Fisherys Management Council has set the limit at 13.5 MILLION pound and they believe that amount will not measurably damage the snapper habitat. Wow, thats a lot of snapper! However, that is an aggregate total for commercial and recreational catches combined. It is possible that next season’s ABC (allowable Biological Catch will be lowered to possible as little as 10 million pounds but, 11.5 million is also listed as a real possibility.

Snapper season is set to expire at midnight on Saturday, so if you are planning on getting some for your freezer, you might want to hurry. There is going to be a discussion about a second season for snapper when The GCFM Council meets on July 17th in New Orleans to consider the matter. It would be great if a fall season did become a reality this year and I know lots of fisherman would welcome it.

The Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo is slated  for July 19th through the 21st on Dauphin Island and they have a revised set of contest rules to make the event more competitive and more fun! If you like to tournament fish, this is a great event to particiapte in! When I lived in Mobile some 25 years ago, I tried the Rodeo out a couple of time with some buddies and while we never won any money, just being part of the event and catching lots of fish was a great memory I made. If you want find out about the rodeo’s sules and ticket prices, visit their web page.  or visit their Face book page

If the gulf is just too far, too much hassle and expense, the freshwater fish are biting early and late in the day and night fishing for catfish or crappie can be great this time of year. Just be sure to “spray down” with some good mosquito repellant, they can be tough at night!

Fish are Biting! Try for big Catfish Early, late or at night! They are fun and tasty! ~postoak~

This time of year it is also easy to procrastinate about fall hunting decisions. If you are looking for a hunting club or possible a hunting lease, drop me an email and I can provide some leads that might help you find a spot to bag that big buck this fall or winter! If not just putting some venison in the freezer is a pretty good thing to do!

My email is




Red Snapper Catches Showing Improvement

This is the size snapper we all want to see coming over the rail! ~postoak~



The gulf of Mexico and the red snapper are like rice and gravy, bacon and eggs or even fried fish and fries! They just go together!  And right now snapper season is going on in the gulf with some good catches that are being brought to the dock!

I have a trip planned for next week to catch me a couple of big reds since that is about all you can catch these days. I hope to fill out my cooler however with some mango snapper, white snapper, trigger fish and anything else I can legally catch. Our trip is booked with a old friend of mine, Captain Butch Tucker, out of Zekes Marina. Butch has the nickname of “doctor snapper” and if anybody can find where they are, he is the man!

The number of fish harvested shows good stocks of  big snapper in the gulf and the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council is even considering an extra late summer snapper season to allow some extra days for more people to come down to the gulf and enjoy the great sport of snapper fishing!

My youngest son and I will be out in the gulf next Friday and I am wishing it was tomorrow! I am ready to go! I have not gone out yet this year and I thougth I had “missed the boat” on snapper season but, it is still going on until the 29th of June so you got time to book a trip and go reel some up to enjoy!  Yes I know the prices are high and the catch limits are low but a fishing trip with your (grown and living in another state) son is still a great way to spend a day!

Don’t forget that hunting season will be here before you know it! Find your hunting place now..As I mentioned last week, many of the timber companies and other land management firms are placing new leases on their web sites and are actively seeking bidders so check them out if you want to lease your own little piece of the woods to hunt. AFOA, RMS, Westervelt, and Plum Creek are some of the sites to try.

I still believe there are a good number of hunting clubs where you can join and enjoy the fellowship with like-minded hunters, so start searching for the hunting club ads in the Bulletin Board, Craigslist and other internet sites.

I went fishing last weekend on the ponds at my family’s farm over in Tuscaloosa and I wish I could say I loaded the cooler however, Liars and fisherman are often called “kin” but, that’s just too much trouble for me to be in. I caught two bass in two hours on one pond that would normally yields two bass every 8 to 10 casts. I then decided to go for plan “B” in this case, the b stood for bream that I have always caught on another pond at the lower end of the farm. So I loaded up my bass rods and tackle and took off to what I thought would be a “day saver” and that a big mess of bream would be just as good as those bass fillets I had missed out on. There too, I found the bream to be as non compliant as the bass and the “lockjawed water gulpers” (my maternal granddad’s term from the 1960s) must have all been taking a nap on the bottom! Of course, as several folks pointed out, I was fishing in the mid day and surely would have done better early and late. But sometimes you just got to go when you can!

A friend of mine sent me a couple of good snapper photos on Monday and I forgot all about my bad day of fishing. Hope you all enjoy them.

Nice catch of Gulf Snapper recently reeled in by the "South Alabama Fish Gang"

If you get a chance GO FISH! Just go early or late and maybe they will be hungry when you get there! And please take a kid, most of them love to fish!

Stay cool!!!     (drink plenty of water)


Hunting Leases Are Due!



Fall will be here before you know it. Find a place to get your buck now! postoak

Hunting leases are due and that could mean an opportunity for you! Maybe you want to lease your own place for this upcoming hunting season, maybe you want to join a new club, Maybe you should consider doing both!

I like to have multiple spots to hunt and every year I change at least one of the places I hunt. Some years I have found a small tract of  hunting property to lease individually and I add that to the one or two hunting clubs I join. When I find a good place, I like to stay for several years and I have one place now I have hunted for over 20 years, another lease I split with some folks that I am dropping out of this year, and I just joined one new club last weekend!

If you want to find some land to lease theres are sites like RMS, AFOA, Westervelt, Soterra, and others with leases due and they are looking for new lease holders NOW! Just be sure to read all the fine print and get some good hunting liability insurance then start some habitat improvement and summer plantings NOW!

There are also many places to find a hunting club looking for members if the lease thing is too much trouble, money and time for you to spend. There are many great clubs around the state that are seeking members for the upcoming hunting season so start your search and get together with some new hunting buddies by joining a local hunting club!

I have found many web sites and ADs for hunting clubs seeking members but, two of my favorites are The Bulletin Board  that you can find at many local businesses and Craigslist that is as close as your computer just look under sporting and the search phrase “hunt”.

Otherwise, you can just daydream until September and miss out on having a good place to hunt this fall!  If anyone has a hunting club membership opening, send it to me and I will post it on my next blog, next week! If anyone is looking for a hunting club to join, send me your email address and where you want to hunt and if I find a club looking for members, I will send you that info. I look almost daily at many websites around our state and have found lots of clubs, looking for a good member, like you!

Email me I am

Until next week, get out there and enjoy some fishing! 

Bass Time is here! Find a local spot but, don't get too hot!

Bass Time is here! Find a local spot but, don't get too hot! ~Postoak~


~PostOak~ -outdoors and gone fishin this weekend… I hope!

Hunting Season Never Really Ends!

My Den wall is a little full, But I am hoping to find another nice buck to join these on my wall this fall! postoak


I have an excitement in my old bones tonight that I love! I love the first day of Dove season, I love the first day of Squirrel season and I love the first day of deer season. When the first day of turkey season rolls around, I am absolutely ecstatic! While none of those is on the horizon, another season I truly love is what I call looking for a new hunting club season! And for me, it starts tomorrow!

I am meeting a fellow hunter at 6 a.m. in the morning to go view a large tract of land that  I recently found on the net with some membership vacancies. I love looking at new land and seeing how the club is laid out, the feeding program, the predator controls, green fields, ladder stands and blinds, club house, and other amenities. More often than not however, I am disappointed like a blind date that has gone bad, hope that is not the case this year!

The club I was in last year was a real nice place but, the turkey hunting is my main indicator of whether to renew- or not. I only took one gobbler off the place last year, but if you hunt turkeys, you know the past season was an anomaly in my book and a lot of other dedicated and experienced turkey hunters as well.  I am eternally optimistic though and through the years I have found several great clubs to join or leases to hold for several years until something bad happens like timber cutting, membership arguments or price hikes that were just too steep to keep the property.

There is actual hunting that can be enjoyed this time of year though. Hogs are running amok across Central Alabama and if you want to scratch that “trigger finger itch” a hog hunt is a great time and is a lot of fun at night with the right equipment. There are several hog chasing outfitters in the area and they offer some exciting summer time hunts! Call Barry and Bart Estes at Alabama Hog Control and they can book you an exciting hunt for a big ole boar hog!

A “do it yourself” hog hunt or coyote hunt is also a good summer hunt and you will be helping to eradicate tow of Alabama’s biggest hunting pest problems and enhancing your habitat for your deer and turkey by “taking out” some of these critters!

If hunting is not your thing, The bream are biting pretty good and fishing is a pretty good way to pass the time until dove season gets here!

Big Shellcracker!

Summer is great for catching some "monster bream and shellcrackers" Go catch you some! postoak

The good folks at the Alabama Wildlife federation are having a great fishing event at Lanark here in Millbrook next weekend! Some great pond fishing for you and those kids, details below!

Alabama Nature Center Fishing Weekend is Here!

MILLBROOK – Come out to the Alabama Nature Center in Millbrook June 15-16, for a special Fishing Weekend. Enjoy catch and release fishing for catfish and bream in the Upper Pond and Tadpole Pond and for bass and bream in the Bullfrog Pond.

“Our Fishing Weekend is a great opportunity for the public to fish in Alabama Nature Center’s well stocked ponds. Fishing is one of those activities that’s fun for the whole family,” said Rebecca Bearden, Alabama Nature Center Naturalist Coordinator.

The Alabama Nature Center will be open to the public Saturday, June 15, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, June 16, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. A limited number of fishing poles will be available for $2 a day as well as a limited amount of bait for a small fee.

The Alabama Nature Center, which includes five miles of nature trails and boardwalks that traverse a variety of forests, fields, streams, wetlands, and ponds, can be found at Lanark, just a few miles north of Montgomery and less than two miles from Interstate 65. Lanark is the State Headquarters of the Alabama Wildlife Federation and the former estate of benefactors Isabel and Wiley Hill.

All visitors of the Alabama Nature Center must check in at the Pavilion Outpost located inside the Lanark Pavilion before hiking on the trails or fishing in the ponds.  Merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, bracelets, cooler bags, water, soft drinks, and snacks will be available for purchase.

The Alabama Nature Center, a hands-on outdoor education facility located at Lanark in Millbrook, Alabama, is a joint project of the Alabama Wildlife Federation and benefactors Isabel and Wiley Hill. The Lanark property, State Headquarters for the Alabama Wildlife Federation, contains 350 acres of striking forests, fields, streams, wetlands and ponds that are traversed by five miles of trails and boardwalks including a tree top viewing platform. The Alabama Nature Center hosts a variety of outdoor education programs including Lanark Field Days events for youth and school groups, Expedition Lanark Summer Day Camp for children aged  5 – 15, and monthly weekend events for the general public.


For more information about the Alabama Nature Center and the Alabama Wildlife Federation, call 334-285-4550 or visit

If you catch any fish or have some cool hunting or fishing photos, send them to me! with permission to post and I will post it for you to show your buddies!

Get outdoors and enjoy our great Central Alabama!!