Deer Season Ends Tomorrow in Alabama

Will Gibson got this very nice 8 pointer on a hunt with me last weekend! ~postoak~

Tomorrow winds up the deer season in Alabama and for many hunters it was a pretty good year. For others the rut is going strong where they hunt, mostly in south Alabama and many of those hunters would love to see the season extended a couple of weeks into February.

That is an interesting proposal that the State Department of Conservation will discuss as one of the meeting topic when they meet in Montgomery on February 9th. They will meet in the Capitol Auditorium and if you want to make comments at the public meeting you have to be there early and register before 8:30 to be heard.

Commissioner Gunter Guy is expected to introduce an extension of the deer season for portions of southwest Alabama starting next season (2013-2014) that would allow hunters an extra 10 days (until February 10th). While there have been extensive petition signing and  thousands of hunters have signed it in hopes of getting the season extended all across the state, it appears the commissioner is going to move slowly so the effects of such a change can be studied in more detail. I believe that move is a prudent one but, may not make a lot of hunters in “LA” happy.  Perhaps after another year or so with positive results, it will allow the season extension across ALL the lower half.

It is also Mr. Guy’s intent to discuss plans to implement a state wide, telephone based call in game reporting program such as in use in other states where game killed must be reported via phone from the field to be in compliance with the law. Changes continue to come to our hunting laws so please update yourself before next season so you will not be in error and pay that fine!

In other hunting news, Chuck Sykes has been named the Director of the Conservation Department’s  Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. Chuck is a native of Choctaw County and lives in Wetumpka. On a personal note, he is one heck of a turkey hunter too.. read more here

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of taking my buddy Keith Gibson and his son, Will, for our annual deer hunt at our place in Tuscaloosa County. I put Will in the same ladder stand where we sat last year when he took his first deer, a nice mature doe. This time, I had Will hunt solo with his dad’s permission and left him with the instructions to “choot em” and Keith and I travelled on down in the swamp to other stands.

Will listened well, About 4:10 I heard his rifle fire and I grinned as I figured he got another nice doe from the big green field. However, several minutes later, I heard him shoot again and figured he must have doubled down on some does. Soon as it got dark enough where I felt it would not disturb Keith, I started for his stand and found he was already down and ready to go see Will’s deer. Will had sent him a text that he had killed a doe but, when we got to Will’s stand, he excitedly yelled at his dad “I got a big Buck” and pointed to a very nice 8 pointer laying less than 20 yards from his stand. However, the story of the hunt was even more interesting than we thought!

Will explained that he had seen a good many deer in the green field and had seen the buck chasing does around in the field and in the woods. He said that he decided to go ahead and shoot a doe “early” and hope the buck, who had left, would return. Somehow when he shot the doe ( a nice humane head shot) the bullet passed through and struck the buck he could not see on out in the field that was blocked from his view by corn stalks. The buck was struck in the front leg at the shoulder joint and after several minutes it limped out of the corn stalks and ran right toward his ladder stand. He finished the buck off with a good chest shot at 20 yards.

What a hunting memory he made with his two for one (almost) shot and taking a nice buck and a doe just a few minutes apart! Now it is all up to Keith to pay for two deer at the processor and a great mount of the 8 point buck that will be coming from Capps’ Taxidermy of Demopolis!

Next week I hope to share some nice buck photos that hunters around the state have sent me. If you want to send me a deer photo, email me –

Until next week, good hunting!


Late Season Success For Many Hunters!

Brandon Parker with a "fine nine" he recently took in Elmore county

As deer season winds down and many of us have freezers full and our deer hunting urges satisfied, many hunters are finding success in the deer woods around Alabama. The rut is still going on in the south central and southern part of the state and many folks are reporting great hunting on their properties.

Brandon Parker recently took a very nice 9 pointer from Elmore county.




Jeremy Johnson, who works at Buckmasters proved he is a buckmaster for real with another nice buck he took in Montgomery County that weighed over 200lbs. That is a real “hoss” of a buck there Jeremy!

Jeremy Johnson, A real Buckmaster, With a nice Montgomery County 9!









I have had reports from a number of hunting buddies regarding good deer harvests in Montgomery, Autauga, Dallas and Macon County over the last week.

Chandler Griffis took this 6 point Buck on the Recent Warrior Academy Hunt




I spent the weekend helping get hunters to stands on a charity hunt for Warrior Academy’s fund raiser hunting weekend in Greene and Tuscaloosa county and several folks took some quality bucks that were “wall-ready”. I met some very nice folks from the Birmingham area, Decatur, and from Tennessee and even though I hunted very little, I had a great time enjoying the social side of hunting and seeing some very excited youngster come out of the woods with some bucks that are sure to be the object of great hunting memories for many years to come. Proud dads and happy kids who had successful hunts have made great bonding moments in the outdoor sports since the dawn of man and they still never disappoint!

A reader sent me this buck picture that his son got recently in South GA!







Hope you get the opportunity to find a nice buck for the wall or doe for the freezer before the season is gone! I am switching over to Spring Gobbler mode and starting to practice my calling! It will be here before you know it!

Good Hunting to all !



Late Season Deer Hunting the Rut, What Fun!

My Granddaughter, Anna "Oakley" Faye, with a nice 8 pointer she took last weekend ~postoak~

I just completed two weekends of deer hunting and the bucks were going crazy over on our place in West Alabama! The rut was wide open the weekend of the 29th and was showing no signs of a slow down this past weekend. Active scrapes were easy to find all over the property and bucks chasing does was the normal pattern. Although I did see a few more bucks slowing down this past weekend, they still perked up when I witnessed them see a doe and the chase then ensued.

On this past Friday, I hunted a portion of the property I had not been on this year and I was not disappointed at all! I have been chasing a big palmate antlered 8 pointer for many of the days I hunted, other than days when I have taken other folks hunting or been on a different property. There is just not enough time to hunt unfortunately! Between work, holidays, family obligations and the always dreaded “yard work” I just can’t devote enough time to it! Well, maybe in a few more years If I get to retire, and am able, I will be able to hunt like I want to do.. But, that’s not likely.

 The property line to the south was where I had found a lot of deer signs such as a well worn trail, with lots of active scrapes and many active rub lines on some bigger saplings. The first hunt was an afternoon one along the property fence and with a very favorable wind, I sat on the ground in a quick made ground blind using dead limbs and tossing leaves on top of them to make a nice concealment. It worked better than I had hoped for! Soon after settling in, I had a steady stream of deer passing by upwind and felt it was just a matter of time before the “big buck” showed up. I was not too happy though when he showed up across the fence on the other property down wind and coming to the “Tinks” scent bomb I had placed upwind of my hiding spot. I kept hoping he would come on over to our side but the fence deterred him enough to where he finally got nervous and left. I had a great time however watching several nice young bucks and some big groups of does with yearlings. At dark, I slipped out and walked the fence back to the road with plans to return the next morning.

Saturday morning was cold, windy, and I got “spit on” by several short rain showers. None was enough to even soak my jacket but, the deer activity was spotty until about mid-morning. I saw a spike and a young 6 pointer plus a number of does but, the most enjoyable part of the hunt was had on the way back to my truck. We have a large field that has standing corn in the middle, about 10 acres of it, with a green field running down all sides of it. There was two huge fox squirrels working the corn stalks and climbing them to ride them over and get the ears of corn broken or chewed off. They would grab the ears in their mouths and then run as fast as they could across the road and into the woods where they were placing them inside a large log that was rotten and had a large cavity where they would disappear with the corn! They would come back out and run across the road back out in the corn and literally “glide” when they were not having to carry the ear of corn. They are absolutely beautiful creatures! I have heard the term “squirreling away” things and I got to see it first-hand!

Saturday afternoon, I got the extreme pleasure of the company of my granddaughter, Anna Faye, who was taking her first hunt of the season with me. Last year, she went with me on one hunt, shot the gun one time, at a nice 7 point buck, and dropped him at about 225 yards. I often thought it might have just been a case of “beginner’s luck” so I was very interested in see what would happen on the second try. Well, after two and a half hours in the shooting house with me snoozing while she kept watch and hunted “hard” she got the chance. A doe came out trailed by a nice 8 point buck who was large in body size but small in rack, so he was a perfect cull buck for her to take. I gave her a little coaching to get her positioned and holding the rifle properly then I let go, just like last year, so she could independently take the shot, and she did! She dropped the buck in his tracks at 248 yards! I have since nicknamed her Anna “Oakley” Faye! She has proven her prowess in making those long shots!

On Sunday morning, (yes I did some back sliding) I was back in my ground blind before daylight. I brought my rattling antlers with me and while it was still dusky, I rattled them and made some loud grunts with my caller in hopes of bringing in another buck for a “fight”. As I was laying them aside, I saw a large deer coming toward me at a trot. I was disappointed that he had a poor set of head gear though but, he was clearly an old buck so I dropped him when he was almost in my lap! He fell about 10 feet from me and with a twinge of regret about losing the morning of hunting enjoyment, I headed to the cabin to get the four wheeler.

An old Cull buck who came trotting in to my antler rattling ! ~Postoak

It was an exciting, entertaining, very special hunt, good memory making type weekend in the “deer woods”. They are getting fewer and fewer and I need to take advantage of them all I can. And you know what? SO DO YOU!

Go hunting! Deer season is almost gone!