Time to enjoy the Water!

Bill Obert of Montgomery Recently Caught this Big Redfish! Way to go Bill!











This time of year is not my favorite. I make no secret about summer being my least favorite time of year and this one is no exception. But, it does have some redeeming qualities and they all seem to relate to getting outdoors on a body of water.

I do enjoy fishing and June offers some great fishing weather! Bream and Bass fishing are two of my favorite fish to catch and to eat! There is no fish better in taste to me than a big Bluegill Or Shellcracker!

A big ShellCracker is a Summer Favorite to catch and to Fry! ~Postoak~

Fried whole in 350 degree peanut oil after a short soak in yellow mustard sauce and then shaken in a bag of plain yellow corn meal that has been seasoned with some Chef Paul’s (Prudomme)Seafood Magic, Blackened Seafood Magic or some type of cajun seasoning that you like! Served with Home-made French Fries, and Hushpuppies with bell and Jalepeno peppers.

The meal is only complete as a summer feast when you have home-made Cole Slaw made with Mayonnaise and washed down with Sweet Tea that has a wedge of Lemon! Dessert should be Water Melon, Lemon Icebox Pie or Home-made Vanilla Ice-cream..

Man! that is a summer feast that reminds me of the many “Fish Fry” dinners under the big oaks at my Grand mother’s old country home or down on the river bank at our annual summer camp along the Tombigbee River! Heck, back then, I still loved summer and that reminds me why! Also being out of school did not hurt either!

Now days, summer is my busiest time of year at work and the stress makes me wish for the welcomed days of autumn. But, when I get in on a good day of fishing and am able to add a nice catch of bream, either cleaned whole style or as “fingers” in filleted strips.It makes some of my stress disolve right on in to the lake waters!

My granddaughter and me are going fishing next weekend and whether it is bream or bass fillets that we bring home, the fun time we have will make for another great adventure in the outdoors. The heat and the “skeeters” are just bumps in the road and we will still enjoy the ride!

Get outdoors and take a kid fishing! Go early or go late, but watch out for that mid day heat! Plenty of bottled water and sun screen, a good cool hat and a cover-cool shirt will keep you save while you enjoy some of the best days of your life… for the summer anyway!

Good Fishing to you!


The Alabama Gun Collectors Show Today in Birmingham was Great!!

One way to make an outdoor, hunting, shooting, collecting enthusiast happy is a great event that is going on this weekend. It is the summer gun show at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center going on this weekend in the North Exhibition Hall. The Gun collectors association holds four shows a year and each one is well worth the trip! My oldest Son, Hunter and I are the normal participants and we meet my Father in Law and Brother in Law from West Alabama at the show and end it by going to lunch.

It is a tradition we have enjoyed for close to two decades now and we have bought, sold, traded for many rifles, shotguns, pistols, knives, swords, bayonets, old silver coins, war memorabilia, and other assorted collectible items. It really is like a candy store for guys who love guns and we all “are one”!

My youngest son Walt, is at home for the summer from college and went with us today so it was an even better day for him and his brother to have fun together and for “old dad” to enjoy them both as a “guys day out”.  The summer gun show really helps to break up the summertime blues and helps us to hang on until hunting season gets here and dove season is only a couple of months away!

At today’s show, I was glad to see a real good turn out of folks but, did not find too many bargains to bring back home. We only took a pistol and an old British bayonet to sell or trade and came back home with both of them. I did purchase an 1877 French long bayonet with scabbard for a decent price and should be able to get a fair profit from it on E-bay or the Bulletin Board. I also picked up a couple of old shotguns that are pretty neat, one of them is an old LC Smith Double Barrel and the other is a very nice Colt Double Barrel which is a very rare gun that should bring a premium price.

Gun trading really is a great hobby and very gratifying. My other favorite trading, buying hobby is silver coin collecting. However, I was very disappointed today at how high everyone had their silver coin prices set despite that silver price has traded downward over the last few months. Needless to say, I did not buy any coins today and considered going back tomorrow and selling some of mine if I could get the kind of price they were asking!

Anyway, it was another good Saturday to enjoy time away from the rigors of work and have fun with my sons and that makes for good memories to enjoy for years to come.

Last Saturday I went fishing over in Tuscaloosa at my brother in law’s and fished a pond they stocked about three years ago with F1 Tiger Bass. If you have never fished a pond or lake with a good stock of those bass and you get the chance, DON”T pass it up! These fish hit like a normal bass twice their size and are great fighters all the way to the bank or boat.

Even though the weather was sunny and HOT, they were still relatively active and I caught 26 or 27 and kept 6 to fillet for a future meal, before retreating from the heat to go visit my sister and brother in law who live within site of this particular pond. After a 3 hour visit, I returned at dusk to the pond for what I thought would be the best action of the day and on the first cast, I had a big girl with a bad attitude nearly snatch the reel from my hand! I finally reeled her in and did the “Bill Dance” thing since we release all the biggest and smallest back in. I fished for another 30 minutes without a strike and called it a day. The bass had been much more active during the mid day when it was hot and windy than in the cooler, calm evening. I believe when the water got calm, they got spooky and would not bite. I had noticed during the day when they were biting best, I caught more fish in areas of the pond where the wind was pushing water than I did in the corners where the bank protected the surface from the wind.

But, isn’t that part of the best about being outdoors? Observing, considering, strategizing about which method, which materials, which presentation will bring you the desired results as you seek your quarry. Whether it is a big F-1 Tiger Bass, a limit of doves taken by finding the best “spots” in a field that the doves choose to fly over, Getting that deer stand set-up down wind over a promising deer trail or finding the strut zone of an old boss gobbler. Those are the cerebral stimulating exercises in the outdoor world and I love each of them so much that life without hunting, fishing and the shooting sports would be a terrible torture for me.

Next Weekend is the HUGE World Deer Expo in Birmingham so I will be right back up at the BJCC to enjoy some more outdoor sports indoors! Hope to see you there! Check it out !  http://www.birminghamdeershow.com/

Until next week,

Post Oak OUT……. doors

Gun Show Picks 7-14-12

Gun Show Finds, Old Shotguns and Bayonets found today at the gun show in Birmingham. postoak


June – A month of Outdoor Opportunities

Chainsaw carving at last years Jakes EventJune is a month that flies by so fast, you might miss it if you don’t get outdoors and do a little of that “carpe’ diem” stuff! Seize the day to go try your luck on a pond, lake, creek, or river. Central Alabama has miles of shoreline and acres upon acres of beautiful lakes to dunk a cricket, drown a worm, or cast a line with your favorite lure for a big bass or a nice bream on an ultra-light reel. I love to fish and plan to take a couple more trips before June has slid right off the calendar.

However, This weekend I will be doing some volunteer work with my fellow Elmore County NWTF Committee members to put on our annual “Jakes Day” event at Fort Toulouse in Wetumpka.This event is one where we teach kids from 5 to 17 about the various aspects of outdoor sports such as hunting, shooting, fishing, Identifying and appreciating nature, crafts such as carving are also part of the exhibits for the youngsters to see and enjoy.

Many of the exhibits are created for the kids to “try it out” BB gun shooting, archery, turkey calling, and even hatchet throwing! It is a great event and one that has one National recognition as the best Jakes event in the entire nation in years past. Our Jakes Chairperson, Carole Matthews and her husband Chet, head up the event along with a small “army” of volunteers will make it once again a great day for kids around Central Alabama to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! Fort Toulouse is a very beautiful and shady location on the banks of the Coosa and a great place to visit anytime. I will be there demonstrating turkey calling and discussing turkey hunting basics for the youngsters. I also make it a point to hand out wild turkey feathers to every kid who wants one and that is usually most of them. What a great use for my feathers from this spring’s birds!

A Gun Collectors show will be coming up next weekend at the Shriner’s Temple on the Eastern Boulevard and I can’t help but go there! I rarely miss a gun show in Montgomery or Birmingham as they are great events to find guns, hunting and shooting collectibles, old coins, knives and other “guy” stuff. I love the gun shows!

June is a great month to get outdoors, don’t let it slip on by you. The 4th of July will be here before you know it. Buy a cane pole and a bunch of crickets or worms then take a kid or some one who has never had the opportunity to watch that cork slip under and feel the fight of a big, tasty bream! As my granddaughters says is is “awesome!”

Until next week,


Summertime Fun on A Farm Pond!

The Fishing was good and the memories even better!

As my fingers work these computer keys tonight, with every tap of a letter I get a reminder of the fun I had last weekend!  Most don’t count cut fingers as a pleasant reminder, but every little cut, every little fin prick that is sore, but healing, reminds me of the grand time I had with my youngest Son, Walt, who is home from college for the summer (unless he finds a job out of town).

And my other fishing partner, My Grandaughter, Anna Faye, also provided me with a lot of joy and pride, as one might expect from a wonderful kid who loves the outdoors and is not “girly” at all when it comes to handling fish, crickets, frogs, lizards or most any other critter from our great outdoors. My wife, “DebDeb” and her Dad Tony rounded out the fishing party to South Tuscaloosa County where my relatives have some great ponds to fish on and we enjoyed them fully!

DebDeb and Tony did not fish however, as Tony said he “did it once in 1957 and did not care for it” He did enjoy watching Anna Faye and Walt pulling in the big ones. DebDeb was the “cricket wrangler” and she kept Anna Faye’s hook baited with crickets as soon as she unhooked a big bream and tossed it in the fish cooler. We caught over 60 big bream and many “toss-backs” as we enjoyed the late afternoon in the shade by a beautiful farm pond that is well stocked.

Early the next morning. Walt and I went to a different pond on their property with a good stock of bass and in the couple of hours we fished, we landed over 30 nice bass, lost several big ones, true to form it seems the biggest ones do get away sometimes. We kept a dozen fish that ranged from 2 to 5 lbs so we could have some good fillets to go along with the big catch of bream from the afternoon before.

That afternoon, they all deserted me when it came time to clean the fish and I worked for over an hour scaling and dressing the bream for frying whole and filleting the bass for some good boneless fish eating. Well, Peanut oil at the right temperature, plain yellow cornmeal seasoned with a generous dash of Chef Paul’s Seafood Magic mixed together in a good paper grocery sack (hard to find these days) to drop and shake the mustard marinaded fish pieces into will yield some great tasting southern fried fish! The standard “sides” of hushpuppies, french fries, Cole slaw and ice tea will make any of us ”Southern raised” folks smile!  I don’t know how I get in to long periods where I don’t fish and then when I go I am reminded of all the good times I am missing with no one to blame but myself!  Don’t do like me! Let the yard work go one weekend and go fishing soon! Take a kid, Take a friend, Take a neighbor and enjoy a day of fishing on a pond, lake, creek or river, just don’t let the summer pass you buy without taking some good fishing trips to remember it by! Take a camera and take some photos, they are great postcards from the best days of our lives!  Go out! Enjoy the outdoors!

Reminder, events in the area this coming weekend. Gun Show @ Garrett Colesium, http://www.gunshowstoday.com/gun-shows/alabama/Montgomery/

Coosa River Whitewater Festival www.coosariverpaddlingclub.com

Until next week, thanks for reading!