Hornets show some offense but win with defense

The Alabama State men’s basketball team looks promising at the early stages of the conference schedule, showing a poise and determination that was missing from the 2012 and 2013 teams.

Perhaps that’s because of the steady play of point guard Jamel Waters. Perhaps that’s because the Hornets haven’t had to face the top SWAC powers on the road yet.

In any case, the Hornets have enough of an inside game to keep opponents honest and enough clutch shooting from 15 feet and out to keep the team in any conference game (at least, to this point). But as Lewis Jackson always loves to point out, the Hornets are where they are because the players have bought into the defensive concept preached by the coaching staff.

“We’ve worked on our defense more than anything,” Jackson said. “We have offensive sets and things like that, but normally your offense will catch up with your defense. We put a lot of emphasis on defense and trying to do the things that it’s going to take to win ballgames like closing the gaps when guys are driving (to the basket), hustling back to your guy and then boxing out. We’re by no means there. We’ll continue to work at it and hopefully at some point during the season we’ll get close to where we’re trying to get to.”


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