Saban slams Barron’s decision; Green out

It was easy to interpret today that coach Nick Saban is not happy with safety Mark Barron’s arrest Sunday. Barron allegedly lied to police, was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for “hindering prosection.”

“Mark Barron used poor judgment,” Saban said. “We always think our players should respect people that are in a position of authority, especially the police who do a lot to protect all of us in terms of what they do.

“I think Mark learned that he did not use good judgment in this case in not saying what he could have said that would have helped the police.”

Some other notes after Monday’s first spring practice:

Senior safety Robby Green, due to return this season from an NCAA suspension, is out “right now” due to a team suspension for violating the infamous team rules.

Blake Sims is practicing at quarterback for now. Saban said he could eventually go to running back or receiver. However, with just three scholarship quarterbacks, the Tide may need a fourth. It’s easier to have Sims tackle the tougher position and then work down.

Sophomore Anthony Orr is moving to linebacker.

Freshman Vinnie Sunseri is a linebacker, but the Tide is “experimenting” with him at safety.

All of the blackshirts listed earlier are almost healthy, Saban said. They can all participate in any non-contact drill.

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