It’s time for Pike Road candidates to qualify

Despite a several-month hiatus, The Daily Siftings is back. As Jill’s replacement, I’ve heard from coworkers, city officials, county officials and countless others that I have big shoes to fill. I hope I can do that, at least somewhat, as I get my footing here in Montgomery.

As most of you know, I moved here from Connecticut about 10 weeks ago. Yesterday, I did some extensive research on how elections in this state are run. My sources? The Montgomery County Election Center and the eleventh edition of the handy-dandy “Candidate Filing Guide” put out by the secretary of state’s office. I took a trip to the election center earlier today to find out the status of campaign fundraising for some of the county and Pike Road candidates.

Tuesday, July 3, was the first day Pike Road residents could qualify as candidates for the Aug. 28 municipal election. Four of the current town councilors (Betsy Atkins, Chris Dunn, Leroy Tolliver and Robert Steindorff) will run. Ty Glassford, who has served on the Pike Road Volunteer Protection Authority since 1991, has also joined the race.

Since there are no districts in Pike Road, each candidate has to choose a “place” to run in. The top five vote-getters do not win the election, which I thought was a bit strange. Those who wait to announce their candidacy can essentially choose who they run against. Incumbents aren’t required to run in the place they held before. Atkins, for example, opted to run in place three, a seat that’s currently held by Tommy Brassell. Brassell is the only incumbent who hasn’t yet submitted paperwork for re-election. He, and anyone else who wishes to run, has until July 17 to file.

None, however, have reached the campaign fundraising minimum threshold of $1,000, which is when they’re required to file a report with the election center. Starting July 28, the candidates will be required to file a weekly finance report.

Mayor Gordon Stone, the only candidate so far running for mayor so far, has raised more than $22,500 as of June 29. The only recorded expenditure he’s made was $3,440 to Diamond Leasing in June for administrative work, according to the finance report.

Check back later this week for campaign finance information on probate judge candidates Reese McKinney Jr. and Steven Reed, as well as county commission candidates.

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  1. Jay Croft says:

    Welcome, Kala! I too am a Connecticut Yankee!

    “tea” means iced–even in the morning– with enough sugar in it to put you in a diabetic coma. Yankees like us have to order “unsweet,” and look the waiter straight in the eye when you say that.

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