Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

Rep. Alvin Holmes

As members of the Montgomery City Council consider whether to consider a city-run school system, Alabama Rep. Alvin Holmes is offering another bit of sod for them to chew (just in case the City Councilmen have forgotten).

Holmes is of the staunch belief that a city-run school system would not be possible without legislative action, and he says that enabling legislation ain’t happening. Holmes, who chairs the local legislative delegation, said he would not even permit discussion on such a bill.

“The bill is going to be dead on arrival. It’s going to be null and void (from the start),” Holmes said Monday during a phone call to a Montgomery Advertiser reporter. “There is no way they can do it. It has to be done through the State Legislature.”

Holmes made similar statements when the issue was first brought up earlier this year.

But it remains unclear at this point if legislative approval is the only way the city of Montgomery could start its own city-run school system. Neighboring Pike Road started its own municipal system last December through a vote of the Town Council.

Holmes was calling in response to recent articles on how the City Council will vote next Tuesday on forming a committee to research the matter and County Commission Chairman Elton Dean threatened to pull county funding for public education. As of two weeks ago, there was also opposition from members of the City Council and the mayor, so it is unclear if the idea even has the support to materialize into any real discussion.

If some people have it their way, the issue will die at Tuesday’s meeting.

“There is nothing to discuss. Period,” Holmes said, adding that the City Council should be more concerned with finding new ways to fund public education in Montgomery County.

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One Response to Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

  1. Eddie says:

    I wonder if Alvin remembers that his party doesn’t control the state legislature anymore. I’m not sure he can still let his mouth write checks like that anymore.

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