What does the EPA want you to know about the Capital City Plume?

The Capital City Plume first came to the attention of the EPA in 1993 after construction workers lost consciousness while excavating the site for the RSA Tower.

In case you couldn’t make it to Thursday’s public meeting, the Daily Siftings staff picked up extra copies of the Environmental Protection Agency’s handouts on the Capital City Plume.

First of all, the “Capital City Plume Site Fact Sheet.”

Now, this is what what the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry thinks you need to know about the following (all of these substances — and more — have been found in the plume that encompasses 55 city blocks in downtown):



-  Trichloroethylene

- Benzene

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One Response to What does the EPA want you to know about the Capital City Plume?

  1. MissPriss says:

    Not surprising… The buildings have other issues. I am sure it is kept under tight wraps. It is supposedly “safe” but I have my doubts. I try not to think about it on a daily basis.

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