Ikariam: The daily life of a freshly baked pirates

For several weeks, you can try your hand in the strategy browser game as pirates. But what new features are therefore come into play and what you have it at all? We have compiled the most important information on piracy update for you.

The new pirate fortress can be upgraded in 30 stages. to your pirate fortress located on the space provided on your island, you are some new features in the browser game available:


In a plunder their captured you Kaperpunkte and gold. In the game there are nine different trips.


What does a pirate all day? Right, raids plan ... and after bottle of rum determined sometimes run. Sees its near you more pirate strongholds, you can attack them and get you Kaperpunkte it.

Kaperpunkte for the crew strength

With a weak crew you will not get far. To upgrade your husbands gradually for the pirate life, you need just the Kaperpunkte that you invest in your crew. Is your crew once strong enough defending their own pirate fortress is easy - the same applies to the raids.

High score - pirate on the career ladder

Rum for tough pirates released the new high score. Heard for a specific rating period the top 50 players, you'll receive a Treasure Trove.Source: Official Website