League of Legends: balancing adjustments + …

Poppy is one of the latest Nerf victims.

About Mighty Champions are indeed great when you play it myself, but for all other they provide great frustration. In addition, "OP-hero" constantly played, making the matches are not just more varied. In order to improve the game balance in League of Legends, Riot Games screwed developers therefore regularly to the abilities of heroes and items in the game. With the latest patch 6.7 numerous nerfs and buffs will find their way to the free-to-play MOBA, and there are improvements in many other areas of the game. The fundamental objective: a fairer gameplay.

The following is a summary of the changes to your champions in League of Legends. More detailed descriptions can be found as usual on the game's website.

  • Aurelion Sol: Lower anesthesia duration at Q skill and deceleration at R
  • Corki: Reduced attack damage with standard attacks
  • Irelia: Q costs less mana and does more harm
  • Jhin: Q costs more mana and causes less damage, e costs less mana
  • Kindred: Reduced healing in W, R only affects Kindred, not on allies
  • Lux: Higher projectile velocity at W
  • Nidalee: Damage to W at the beginning of lower later this higher
  • Poppy: reduced range of electric and harms of Q
  • Rammus: Increased cooldown for R capability
  • Soraka: Q and W cost more mana
  • Udyr: reduces damage from R, as well as his life generation
  • Zed: W has a higher decay time, the passive attack damage is lower

Adjustments for items affecting in this update of League of Legends only the "Abyss of Malmortius" which causes less magic resistance.

A few new skins, like this program Soraka, are also included in the update.

Another change adjusts the time between death minutes 30 and 55th You do not have to wait until you can pull into battle again after your death at this stage. This is to avoid that a single fault (such as a fumbled Team Fight) can decide an otherwise exciting game. In addition, the developers of League of Legends have fixed some problems in view, so that ye can be sure that you are really secure in a safe hiding - or not seen.

In addition comes with the update, the previously announced game mode rotation into play that is you from Friday 16 hours a day. This feature is initially limited to the weekends, so ending Monday morning, and offers you alternative game modes. A program to be published on the website of LoL in advance, so you know what to expect.

Source: Official Website