Star Stable: chasing rainbow, collect gold and rewards …

With the new update is stable in the Star "Fortuna Festival" Started: the perfect in-game event for the upcoming St. Patrick's Day.

The St. Patrick's Day is imminent. Already in two days, more precisely on 17 March, it's time. Fits to the place "Fortuna Festival" held in the horse game Star Stable. Here you meet the grumpy goblin Chaun. Whose greatest desire is, as it should be for goblins now times, gold. And the noble metal can be found as well known at the end of a rainbow. Therefore Chaun travels forth all the time next to a rainbow. His problem: Every time a rainbow appears elsewhere, the goblin loses part of his treasure. So the little wretch needs your help.

On the island of Jorvik, the scene of Star Stable, will appear in the next two weeks at various points rainbows. There is always only one visible. Once you find a bow at Golden Hills, at times Dews Farm Epona, sometimes in the "forgotten areas", "Valedale lake" which, the "Ever wind fields", the "Golden Fields" or at Firgrove. It may happen that you see a rainbow immediately after you have logged in you, just in Star Stable. In that case it simply waits for the next copy.

Near each rainbow is their gold pieces that can cast her in Chaun. In gratitude he gives you this great stuff. FYI: The rainbows are only visible during the day (at night occurs this weather phenomenon never on) and per sheet can you grab a maximum of ten gold pieces.

In addition to the "Fortuna Festival" has advertising in Jorvik City has to offer the new weekly update of Star Stable still a lot. The marketing team of the local shopping center has hung numerous posters for the "Jorvik City Fashion Week" that begin in the near future and will supply new fashion. In addition, Eddie and Ferdinand have begun to build their horse market in Silver Glade, where he will open next week its doors.

Source: official website