Aion review: exhilarating fantasy MMORPG for patient PvP fans

Step into the wonderful world of Atreia learn to fly and experience as you can not imagine had before Aion exciting adventures ...

The MMORPG Aion has a turbulent history. Originally gepublisht of developer NCsoft in Asia, North America and Europe, took over in early 2012 the Karlsruhe game developer and operator Gameforge (Tera, Orcs Must Die: Unchained) in European climes the baton and announced the same nor the transition to a free-to-play model of. Aion since then has been available for free download, with paying players can use more features. We'll get to later. In our test, we explore the vast fantasy world of Atreia and hope to soar meet soon to lofty heights. This is ultimately one of the outstanding points with which the game is advertised: We learn to fly and fight in the sky against enemy winged beings.


We pass the long download time of Aion, by informing us about the story of the game. There are three warring factions in the world of Atreia, and we can only choose between two: The Elyos are beautiful but arrogant creatures of light. They are aware of their angelic shape well aware and believe that they have sole claim to the land. They inhabit the kingdom of Elysea with capital Sanctum. The Asmodians are less sun-drenched, but live in darkness, since their kingdom was split off from the terrible disaster at a long time ago the Elyos. They are considered brave and tough, but with strangers they behave basically not very friendly. The third fraction in Aion is the NPC race Balaur. These highly intelligent beings want to subjugate the entire world and therefore the wrath of both the Elyos and Asmodian up.

And if they have not died, they still create their character ...

After downloading, we start the game and begin the character creation. Two days later, we're done. Well, not as long as it does not last, but in fact we could spend hours in the character editor of Aion stop. The customization options are in fact enormous.

Play Aion!Step into the wonderful world of Atreia learn to fly and experience as you can not imagine had before Aion exciting adventures ...Play Aion!Step into the wonderful world of Atreia learn to fly and experience as you can not imagine had before Aion exciting adventures ...Play Aion!Step into the wonderful world of Atreia learn to fly and experience as you can not imagine had before Aion exciting adventures ...Play Aion!Step into the wonderful world of Atreia learn to fly and experience as you can not imagine had before Aion exciting adventures ...

We opt first for the fraction of the Asmodians, because they look somehow cooler in our eyes, and then put sex and a primary class to determine where we can make a secondary specialization with advanced level. The following classes and specializations are available:


We opt for the engineer, because we want the new class specialization Äthertech look at times that has come into play with the recently released update to Aion 4.5. A preview of our game character, we can show us the next step. Here we choose clothes, hairstyle, wings and Mech, in which we can get if we later managed to climb to the Daevas and specialization have taken direction Äthertech.

In the preview, we can look at the capabilities of our future Mechs us before.

But that is not enough: we can modify every little detail of our game character: size, length of arms and legs, shape of the nose, eyebrow momentum, jewelry and so on. If we do not soon stop, we never get to play, so we just decided to click "create character" and start the adventure. By the way: As a free-to-play players we must create two characters, while holders of gold accounts are eight slots available. However, a faction change is not possible, but we would have to either play on a different server or delete the characters already created. Sure, a little loyalty must be.

Getting in Atreia - PvE and quests for beginners

So, on to the battle. We end up in one, you have to say beautiful world. Although you can see the MMORPG that there has been a few years under its belt - for example, some scenes are blurred as mountains or slopes, which we already do not have access - but still is Aion must not hide in graphic terms ,

At the beginning we select a character. We are not sure where the beautiful outfit that we have chosen, is gone - and why our heroine now almost nothing is wearing ...

We begin to massacre a few harmless creatures ... simply because they are just there. And we do have time to test our combat skills before we go into dangerous realms. We start a fight, as we select by double-clicking a target just once click it or fire and a skill. We can also select a mouse click on the skill bar is quicker but about the keyboard layout. Killed opponents we not just let rot, but let's see what they have so doing to loot. After all, we need a few things in your inventory, to assist us in coming missions.

The beautiful world of Atreia invites frequently to stay.

But well, enough of Vorgeplänkels, we walk around a bit - usual control via WASD and mouse - and discover even the city Aldelle where a few NPCs wait tasks ahead of us. In Aion is a distinction between the campaign, which takes us through the story and side quests that we can do to earn extra money, XP and other rewards. The tasks consist essentially of "Go there". "Talk to the and the" or "Kill something and bring me this and that", For this, we run like crazy from Aldelle to the lake, after Aldelle, then into the woods and back to Aldelle and ... oh. The track we know well enough and are glad when we can sometimes elsewhere. At a cemetery for instance, where from behind to attack us nasty revenge spirits. Via mouse-over we see whether computer-controlled creatures are peaceful or "preventive" attack if we get too close. The Mana Bar plays for our attack skills initially not matter, but the health bar, which of course empties if we suffer damage in a fight. Fortunately, we have the ability to heal us; However, we should do only when we are in a reasonably safe zone, because that's quite a procedure. Kneel down, let go prayer-like sayings and wait for the "magic dressing" acts.

Hello, little friend, unfortunately, we have to kill you the same. Has ordered the NPC.

The side quests that give us neat reward points as not just mentioned with variety. This is slightly different in the campaign, although here too the long walkways make the same old tracks for the first hints of boredom. However, the game is occasionally interrupted by cinematic sequences that illuminate the history of our character and sometimes even let us have a look into the future. That's pretty cool.

The dream of flight and the long road to the Abyss

is really interesting the whole, when we reach level 10, because then we can use the class specialization Sagittarius (aka Gunner) or - more recently - make Äthertech. In addition, we finally learn how to fly, in our first mission at lofty heights. An icon next to the skill bar will show us whether we're in a flight envelope. If so, we click on it and have spread our wings majestically from. The fun, however, is short-lived, because the ether required for this is quickly consumed. In addition, there are few areas where it is possible to fly, especially since we keep cooldowns them permanently again relax the wings. The controller in the air does not work much differently than on the ground, except that it just a third dimension are (top and bottom). A bit can head spin since the beginning to be before.

Fly we learn from level 10, are previously&# 039; s but already a small, gloomy view of our destiny.

The next major milestone was much later viiiel level 25, because then we can venture out for the first time in PvP battles, so battles with other players. Until then, it's levels, complete quests and shred monsters like crazy. That runs pretty back and there is a real motivation essential in achieving these two stages. Flies and PvP - this is what we want from Aion, except that the incredibly vast and varied fantasy world of Atreia also in between provides numerous Ohhh moments. The Abyss is the PvP area in Aion in which we will not get far without our magnificent wings. It is necessary to fight with representatives of the enemy Elyos for control of castles and other buildings. The NPC faction Balaur ensures that the balance is kept in the game, and switches accordingly every now and again.And otherwise? Aion actually includes all the features we expect from a classic MMORPG. We can crafting items, learn a profession (the rather minor role), tame pets and a housing system is also there. With regular updates constantly come new content to the online role-playing game, for example, the recently released version of Aion 4.5 was shown by Äthertech new instances (all eight of them) and additional rewards for veterans m luggage.

PerWe learn to fly!Varied and graphically appealing fantasy environmentExtreme customization options during character creationMotivation for long-term players with new content and PvP at level 25Fair free-to-play (for example, cut back on Quest System)Long distances, monotonous tasks to level 10 and 25boring for non-PvP fans in the long run

0/5 stars


Fans of online role playing games are hardly past Aion. daily, at least once, and playing a few hours to level 10, everyone should, if only to try this with flying. But wings alone can not explain the success well. If you like PvP, will come from level 25 at its expense, although the way is long and sometimes very monotonous. Anyway, in terms of tasks. From the area you can not argue with the best intentions. Again and again we meet, strange figures and beautiful landscapes that we only too happy to explore. spend without money, we can spend as long hours in front of the PC without bored us. Only when we jump really deeper into the matter, we realize that a gold account already has great advantages. so we have free access to all areas, a larger inventory, trade can exaggerate and create more characters. Nevertheless, free-to-play players will get their money, because with us Aion provides Gameforge and NCsoft a very solid and visually quite striking fantasy game - with all the associated features.