The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: All information on the Halloween event

During the Halloween event you, the Baron of Boshaftingen different challenges for which can be tapped her chic rewards. We have therefore created a list for you that is extended continuously until the end of the event.

29.10.2013:The first challenge will run until 30 October at 15:00. If you in the competition hall just manages until then, the castle "Something evil" complete with three crowns, you will receive in return a EP-Boost, which is automatically transferred and as if by magic in your inventory.

30.10.2013:It's Halloween time and it will haunt neat. For this reason, you ask the Baron of Boshaftingen, place up tomorrow in your eerie walls 5 smelly Kriegerzu. If you do that, beckons you in return a fancy gold-Boost.

31.10.2013:Directly Halloween Baron has a job for you again Boshaftingen. Kills you tomorrow 40 bone Player looting of various locks and creams for a vitality boost from. As with the other challenges of boost moves next day in your inventory.

Rewards during the Spooky Open House Events:

  • 1. Challenge: 1 EP-Boost
  • 2: Challenge: 1 Gold Boost
  • 3. Challenge: 1 vitality boost