My Free Zoo: Sweet Lemur looking new home

Who currently buys diamonds in My Free Zoo can to get the largest lemur species in the world: the Indri.

My Free Zoo

My Free Zoo

In free building game My Free Zoo you can once again get a new resident in your virtual zoo. The Bamberg developer and publisher upjers has implemented the Indri per update. Now maybe you're wondering what a Indri's because you've never heard the name. The upper class that is associated with this animal, but you should be definitely known: The Indri is the largest lemur species in the world and lives on the African island of Madagascar. These primates reach a size from 64 to 90 centimeters, as measured from the head to the torso. Unlike some other lemurs Indri have no long tail, but only a small stub, which is more than 5 centimeters long.

Indri are monogamous animals, so look for a solid partner with whom they live and raise a family. Morning singing males and females together, which is intended to defend its own territory. As the locals in Madagascar believe that the souls of the dead live on in the Indri, the animals were never hunted. However, they are still at risk of extinction because their habitat is getting smaller by the clearing of rain forests.

My Free Zoo - Indri

Even the largest lemur is still incredibly cute.

In My Free Zoo you can give a new home and at the same time presenting your visitors another cute animal a Indri. However, there are not given the animal: You can get it with the purchase of at least 100 diamonds, the premium currency of My Free Zoo. If you opt for to purchase 200 units, there is a second copy of it. The Indri can you keep a forest reserve in both a jungle than.

Source: upjers