Star Wars Commander: The units of the Empire

Unlike the rebels the Galactic Empire relies on the concentrated superiority of mechanized firepower. Huge steel giants and of course the famous stormtroopers determine the image of Darth Vader's army. Each of the units has special features and characteristics that need to know it, you want to be successful in fighting the rebels. What it has troops in detail when they leave your barracks or factory and what tricks you should heed on the battlefield, you learn in this overview of the units of the empire.


The backbone of the Emperor have always been the standard troops in white: the stormtroopers. Alone or in small groups, they are not very effective, but used en masse, these units can be really dangerous. Their particular advantage is that they are cheap and super fast to recruit. This makes them an even better unit than their rebel counterparts.

  • Cost to Level 1: 50 credits
  • From Barracks Level 1

Dark Phase II soldier

The version in black combat action is already much more interesting! A Dark Phase II soldier is a real chunk of the battlefield where the enemy can not get past so quickly. Strong armor and the preference for guns make this infantry unit a terror to every defense, especially when he is traveling with stormtroopers or Scouts in tow.

  • Cost to Level 1: 200 credits
  • From Barracks Level 2

Scout troop

Weak armor, low health and even less damage than Normalo stormtroopers? In the direct confrontation Scout troops are good not even to deflect or cannon fodder. These clear disadvantages in combat make the Scouts of the Imperial Guard with brisk workout time and movement velocity offset: Faster than any other unit they are the enemy camp and plunder valuable credits and metal units for you. Any use of the Scout troop should still be considered carefully, otherwise, the 50 credits for their recruitment as wasteful as the single place in the troop carrier.

  • Cost to Level 1: 50 credits
  • From Barracks Level 3

Taurücken troupe

Mounted units in Star Wars Commander commonly serve as a rapid reaction force that will make a breach for foot soldiers. does the job even this type barracks with flying colors because Taurücken can dish it out. yet but the lizard riders in the service of the Galactic Empire to fulfill a different function. They are well armored and can withstand even hard firefights with which they are ideal for the protection of stormtroopers. Even the comparatively low space consumption and low price are worth a mention.

  • Cost to Level 1: 150 credits
  • From Barracks Level 4


The mechanical helpers are particularly effective on the battlefield when you attack with infantry and vehicles at the same time. They reliably repair your troops as long as you succeed to keep them out of the firing line. Otherwise, the nimble probes are quick self repair.

  • Cost to Level 1: 200 credits
  • From Barracks Level 5

Heavy Stormtrooper

Less damage per transport space than normal stormtroopers, less armor than Taurücken and at that slow? At first glance, the values ​​of the heavy hitters see underwhelming from, but a few of them as reinforcement often make the difference and for that reason alone their credits worth. Try it out!

  • Cost to Level 1: 200 credits
  • From Barracks Level 6

Sniper squad

Who calls the Emperor when Sith Lords do not have time, but the job should be done guaranteed? The Striker! Sniper make by far the most damage per second under all infantry units of the empire. Their preferred targets are enemy units, making them perfect for off hazardous locations. Not infrequently, a sniper has caused among the stormtroopers that seven others survive. This also explains why this unit is so expensive and requires so much space in the van.

  • Cost to Level 1: 350 credits
  • From Barracks Level 7

shock troops

Only the elite of the imperial infantry may eventually reach the rocket launcher. Surface damage, fair prices and low training time characterize the shock troops. Take the enemy's headquarters targeted, goes by the defenders quickly the laughter, because the shock troops will be even more damage than the gravity stormtrooper. For this, its resistance falls surprisingly small.

  • Cost to Level 1: 200 credits
  • From Barracks level 8

Speeder, AT-AT or probe droids? On page 2 you will find the tanks and runners from the factory.

Wrong Side of the Force caught?
  • To the units of the rebels


The Speeder makes the name! The slider is unusually fast for a unit so early in the game and should be used primarily to to hunt enemy troops. Ideal off in PvE missions or for reinforcements. Against armored positions as turrets, however, the plus-minus bills are not so good: For he is despite good values ​​just too expensive.

  • Cost to Level 1: 300 credits
  • Ex-factory level 1


The first runner, you are allowed to produce as a member of the Empire, unfortunately, is not the all-powerful fighting machine, which one might think. In Star Wars Commander of the AT-ST Ruff is used as a reconnaissance of the description of. The speed of movement is not to be despised, in fact, but in attacking this factory unit revealed weaknesses. At 10 Transportation courses per Mech you should think about you anyway, whether infantry can not do better job in the form Taurücken troupe and / or Dark Phase II soldiers.

  • Cost to Level 1: 500 credits
  • From the factory Level 2


An armored monster with powerful oomph describes the 2-M still best. The hover tank was made to even withstand heavy gunfire and break hard to break defenses. With a few of these babies and a Reparaturdroiden you have an offensive available that overcomes high walls and mortar shells as infantry defying alike. The production time is not less impressive.

  • Cost to Level 1: 500 credits
  • Ex-factory level 3


An excellent addition to the 2-M-hover tank is the AT-MP in Star Wars Commander. Your rocket salvos place in a very short time several buildings in ruins. However, the blatant destruction potential at the expense of speed and armor. These runners should be sent with an escort. AT-MP also are sometimes but as rapid reaction force in order to make short work of shield generators.

  • Cost to Level 1: 750 credits
  • Ex-factory level 4


Welcome to the premier class of mechanized warfare. The AT-AT is excellent in almost all respects and stomping testimony of the limitless power of the Emperor. To set only one of these giants out of action, it takes enormous effort and resources. However, considering that the AT-AT is one of the slowest units in the Galactic Empire and quality has its price.

  • Cost at level 1: 1500 Credits
  • Ex-factory level 5

probe droids

Probe droids are another deadly example of the power of the empire. The application for this highly specialized type of unit is the search for enemy infantrymen who bring the droid purposefully and reliably track. How otherwise not really to use also the speeder in the fight against defenses. The even smaller equipment compared to the level-1 glider is also reflected in the price and the reduced capacity again.

  • Cost to Level 1: 200 credits
  • Ex-factory level 6

Mobile Heavy gun

The big brother of the probe droids umbaranische MHC, a slow anti-vehicle unit with splash damage, which has stolen the Empire of the separatists. Large destructive potential is always a price, in this case even less armor than the AT-MP. The Mobile Heavy cannon is particularly effective in conjunction with armored ball scavengers such as hover tanks or AT-AT.

  • Cost to Level 1: 500 credits
  • Ex-factory level 7