My Free Farm 2 Mobile: Tips for Beginners – For masters …

For several weeks, you can play My Free Farm 2 Mobile on your Android devices, now the app is on the App Store appeared for iPhones and iPads. For new players to get a good start, we have here the most important information for beginners at a glance:

complete tasks and exit orders

At the very beginning of the game you have the opportunity to devote yourself various tasks and extend deliveries. In My Free Farm 2 Mobile again customers come to your yard that have one or the other request. These include orders up as decorative items, expand farm, bake bread and more. Everyday things so that you would sooner or later do anyway.

  • A little tip: Wait at the beginning especially with the farm extension and the placement of decorative items until this appears as a task. So you bagged equal the reward with one and saves you money that you would have spent on other (for now less important) decorations.

Tasks of the customer to take their best when their anwerft the app. After doing the jobs you have to wait until the next tasks appear. Spends her namely a few minutes on your farm, you can equal take the next load of tasks in this way before exiting the game.

But do not forget doing deliveries! If the van outside your door, you should see the same orders and send out the driver. Finally, you need the money. After a certain time the car is ready for the next ride. Assuming you have not already done everything and have to wait for new orders.

The van is ready, but we are very herumgetrödelt: Nothing in stock.

back up important tools with decorations

Provides enough decorations on your farm on, because these bring you tools, which in turn are necessary for farm expansion. The newer the decoration, the more tools will get it too. Send flowers, straw bales and barrels rich for the time being to reap the valuable resources and store them in the shed. This way, it is worth expanding at an early stage, because the basic version is fast to the roof crammed with collected tools. also expands your production facility to manufacture more products of the farm game simultaneously.

By decorations you get tools.

work efficiently

Prepare you in the game not take itself too many waiting times. If you have just been threw the app, you collect quickly all one that is ready to harvest and planting equal to new. It should fall on greens with very short growth time as possible your choice. The duration you see one by tapping her a vegetable of your choice - at the bottom of the screen you learn in how many minutes the harvest would be possible. To everything takes longer, you care only before you leave your farm. Harvesting is done then the next farm visit.

Always one step ahead

Let as many plants on your farm grow and thrive as it allow the first levels at all. You need all the green stuff to directly sell or further process it. In the bakery produced their onion bread and Co., in the kitchen conjures her more delicious food.

  • A little tip: If just pending no other important tasks, you should as much as possible to pre-produce. Your goods you will sooner or later going on, so it pays to hoard a small supply.

It can be harvested!

Other tips?

Have you as a player of the farm simulation valuable tips for beginners? Uses the comment feature below this article and betray other players your secret tips and tricks for My Free Farm 2 Mobile.