Fallout Shelter: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year in …

How it works 3D touch.

The days in the bunker can be drawn quite nice if you do not want or in the world can postapokapylische. The gitl especially in winter. But change is coming. Bethesda has recorded the update 1.9 and so gain their access to the Thanksgiving celebrations. This means that you can complete special quests and there are special matched to Thanksgiving, room designs. In addition, you will find in lunch boxes Thanksgiving outfits. Then it's a flurry. In December waiting temporary Christmas and New quests that also promise special rewards.

In addition to these temporary changes, the developers have released a completely new environment with the update. From now on you can send your residents not only in abandoned buildings and run-down Vaults, but you let now exploring caves. Who has already played Fallout 4 extensively, the new terrain already know. Of course, the update includes numerous other quests, including new regular and weekly tasks.

Owners of iPhones, iPads or iPods can look forward to new stickers for the iMessage service in Fallout design, moreover, when iOS is 10 on the system. Sent funny pictures for Thanksgiving or the mascot of Fallout 4 Nuka-World, Bottle and Cappy.

Source: Bethesda Blog