Fallout Shelter: Tips for more bottle caps on the account

Clever to do business with resources designed in this game as a real challenge. The faster you expanding your bunker and the more residents you break down the doors, the more water, food and energy needs it too. And to build the needed facilities or improve turn bottle caps are necessary.

But how do you get in Fallout Shelter more bottle caps without spending real money? We have looked at the possibilities a closer.

You stand still at the beginning and do not know quite how you manage a good start? Then taking a look at our beginners tips for Fallout Shelter worthwhile.

achieve the first goals

Look urgent missions (called in the play goals) that stand by your choices in Fallout Shelter. Every day you can reject an object thereof, but a more slips. What reward is hidden behind the goals, you can see directly. Sometimes it is valuable Packed Lunches, where all sorts of value is hidden, sometimes you get a big portion Capsules bar on the claw.

  • By the way: A lunch box is a worthwhile matter. In each package you will find four cards, including at least one rare or better. Unless you do not earned you the lunchbox means achieved goals, there's them, but only for cash.

As quickly some change comes together.

let leveling 2. Residents

As you your survivors to work very simply, let them learn and climb in the stage. Each Level gives you bottle caps. This is not to the masses, but also small livestock is the mother of crap. spread over the day comes there already a lot something together.

3. Badlands expeditions are always worthwhile!

If you inhabitants sent to the "fresh" air, they return mostly back with a lot of experience points. Let her they stroll through the area a little longer, they will certainly find bottle caps - the effort is worth it. In addition, you are happy in many cases more weapons and outfits. Should you the items do not need you can also sell them. However, not so much in it for you out. Much more important, therefore, is to provide all residents with weapons and clothes.

  • Caution: Before you send someone to the Badlands, you should equip it with items. Without a weapon the chances of the resident are actually rather poor. Runs's really bad, you have to stuff soon less a hungry little mouth ... so would you missing but also a worker.

264 bottle caps and a gun - thank you, Johnny!

4. use speed mode

In production rooms you have the possibility to speed up work a little. This gives you not only faster needed resources, but also experience points and bottle caps - if everything is successful. How many of you get each, you can see in advance a room in the overview. Pay attention to the accident risk - up to 30 percent (up to perhaps 35 percent) are things often good, although as luck plays a certain role. Otherwise, you make sure acquaintance with cockroaches or her sparked a huge fire.

5. View daily reports

Bethesda rated you! Right next to the overview of your goals is their daily reports. The happier the people, the more carbon is to you safely. Noted here is that you've got to actually pick up the reward. Calls your daily report, looks like you've hired you and click below on the bottle caps.

2 days, 230 Capsules - after all!

More options?

You know any more ways to get in Fallout Shelter easily to bottle caps? Then use our Comments feature and betray us, what you get out you!