The Sims – Free Play: simoleon and lifestyle points

The Sims - Free Play

In The Sims - free game, the characters from the popular computer game series are indeed drawn to a smaller screen, its currency but they have taken. Also on smartphones and tablets, these tiny fiddling with the precious greenbacks, which earned her, among others, by more or less honest work. Most items in the Sims - free game available for simoleon and therefore you need it a lot. Although it increases with a solid start capital and furnished house to the game so that you not eventually run out of coal, you're looking to you as quickly as possible a job. But there are also earn other ways simoleon, including through the sale of furniture. This is perhaps not the best way, but thereby your account can at least increase rapidly.

With lifestyle points you earn very cool objects.

If you have a green thumb and fun to dig in the dirt, you can try yourself as a gardener and then sell your products. Those wishing to greater challenges, which are tasks and missions. Many objectives address the daily needs of your Sims, such as food intake, which you have to complete in a given time. For this, however, you will be rewarded not only with the main, but also with premium currency (Lifestyle Points). The simoleon you buy most of The Sims - Items available free play, such as furniture and decorations. The lifestyle points (CP) exchanges towards her exclusive properties and even homes. The animal lovers among you also is a large selection of different dog breeds to choose from, if you're willing to sacrifice your lifestyle points for it.Source: Game / developer page