The Sims – free game: Baby Boom in Sim Town!

A world of adult can be quite boring with time. Therefore, small tots now conquer the city and keep you in the Mobile Game The Sims - Free game on your toes. The current update is get ready now available for Android and iOS devices, and soon for Windows Phones for download. Once you reach Level 10, creates her room for new Sims in mini format.

Chaotic times ahead. shouts your offspring, poses with porridge around, starts to crawl, eventually to run and tried to be a superhero and painter:

With the latest update do you imagine new quests. This includes the task Nanny alert want to be cuddled when crying babies and fed. From 13 August also you dedicate yourselves to the Quest Super Tots secret mission and see grow true heroes. At bodysuits and funny superhero costumes is also not lacking in the free Mobile offshoot to the Sims series, which now already belongs to the classics of video gaming world.

New works of art for your own four walls create the tots thanks to the finger painting hobbies itself, gifted musicians, however, show in the early musical education, what is in them.

Source: App Store