Tribal Wars 2: multi-accounts as a new game feature

New cooperative opportunities in Tribal Wars. 2

One of the biggest problems of many building strategy games is the Multiaccounting: People log in with a user account and storm with duration activity as any rankings. Or the other way around: A player has the same number of accounts and drudges to this kind of self resources, troops, or otherwise game-relevant advantages. Account-sitting (during holiday periods, for example) is often possible only under strict conditions. In Tribal Wars 2 playing together is not only tolerated on an account now, but is encouraged. So much so that the match officials have decided to call the whole co-op feature installed as a separate function in the browser game.

Co-op partner, take over!

Thus, the co-feature works in Tribal Wars 2:

From now on you can invite up to two of your tribe members to manage together with you your account. The players then have almost the same rights as their own. You should therefore only those access grant, which you also familiar. What more or less so should be the case within a tribe in Tribal Wars 2 anyway. The players are listed as co-partner, you can share simultaneously via web browser or mobile app on all in-game aspects of the user account to access. send out simultaneously different armies or to organize support, is therefore likely to be much easier.

Source: Press Release